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  1. maze


    10. However, with a bit of luck and the right signings in January, we might avoid relegation and get that precious 17th place. Let's be honest, the state of this club... Most of the players are championship standard at best.
  2. Underwhelming appointment (if true) is an understatement. Gutted. Hello Championship…
  3. So, ending up with Eddie f’ing Howe
  4. Whatever appointment that keeps us up, really. Days are passing, games are played, unless we start climbing it’s all in vain.
  5. The things is; I’d really expected them to have sorted this before they took over. I mean, asking their top candidate if he is willing to manage once they got the keys is really not that hard. Rafa was appointed by Everton long before the takeover happened, so they already knew he was not available. Since the start of the season everybody can see were the club is at (rock bottom) so really not ‘rocket science’ finding out with their candidate if our position would be a problem. Also, if it has something to do with reputation because of the Saudis, this could also have been sorted w
  6. The new owners’ hesitation might just cost the club its PL status.
  7. maze


    I’ll tell you, with the slow pace these new owners seems to have, someone (anyone, really!) need to remind them the season only has 38 games. Their new investment have not won since fucking forever, so they better have a hell of a plan to save this club from relegation.
  8. No worries. It's cold as fuck in Newcastle
  9. maze

    Transfer rumours

    Kevin Mbabu, anyone?
  10. Can only vote for one?
  11. maze

    Transfer rumours

    seems like a sustainable stance but I guess they have no problems selling to the «caring and loyal» top six?
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