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  1. Man, I hope this one comes off. Welcome back the entertainers
  2. Serious question - what has Bruce ever achieved? Does he have a single redeeming quality?
  3. Please find me 1 billionaire who isn't a capitalist pig. Almost all have a different stain on them. Take more than they give We don't get a say on owners. We have absolutely no say. This is getting tiresome
  4. He would play 9 defensive players, and put Chiesa, Haaland, etc on the bench
  5. This is going to happen a lot now. Only joined 18mins ago. Forum is going to start getting bombarded
  6. 1 million seconds 11 days 1 billion seconds is 31 years 700 billion seconds is 22196 years The number is almost too big to grasp
  7. That interview was spot on. That talk track should be shared with every supporter.
  8. To think we endured a Pardew out campaign Kinnear out campaign Bruce out campaign Not sure which was worse. Erghhh
  9. Cant wait for the "Conte Out" campaign Its much better than "Pardew Out"
  10. I want someone up and coming who can work with bringing young players through the system (like Dortmund)
  11. Barcelona our next feeder club
  12. Lock thread and let it die
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