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  1. If I’m being greedy, we still need more goals in the team. A rapid (quality) rw would be cool. *after sorting out the defense which, I assume, we will do to some extent.
  2. Yeah, weather’s beautiful right now. The only time in the year where it’s bearable.
  3. They need to watch out like, omicron cases in Jeddah are through the roof (and they are going unreported; there literally isn’t a spare bed in any hospital right now but figures are showing less than 5k).
  4. Imagine being such mugs that you accept an initial derisory offer from the alleged richest club in the world.
  5. Btw I meant reasonable as in fair, in case you want to remove your like @peder. Would hate to dupe you like that.
  6. We’ll probably be back in for around 15m which I should think they’d accept. Still a reasonable fee for him.
  7. Burn is such a weird player (in a good way) looks like he’d be your standard, sluggish, big-man center-back but plays almost as a lwb for Brighton. Deceptively quick too. Not super exciting but seems sensible enough for the prices being quoted.
  8. I think the issue will be convincing this lad to come. Looking like he wants to hold out until a better prospect come knocking. Just have to hope Arsenal or another ‘bigger’ team don’t have a 30 million need for a cm.
  9. Oh cool, so this’ll be the one where the bid is actually accepted but the player doesn’t want to come. In all seriousness, I really really hope this doesn’t fall through.
  10. McCormick

    Jesse Lingard

    “You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.”
  11. My friend really wanted him at Barca as the heir to Busquets. For that alone, I’m very excited (knowing full well how this ends).
  12. McCormick

    Diego Carlos

    Another big L for Mandy and Gerds. Starting to worry now; if they thought we were being ripped off before, try going into the last week of a transfer window with everyone knowing you’re gasping for a center-back.
  13. I quite like Nat Phillips (not enough to go back and forth with posters and get roasted for it ) but there’s no getting away from the fact that he’d be a massive downgrade on Botman and Carlos. Loved this from him though.
  14. Linked under Ashley iirc. Not sure how good he is but that fact alone makes this not particularly exciting.
  15. McCormick

    Diego Carlos

    As much as I like Carlos, they’ve seemingly fucked us about or at the very least wasted our time. Hope we don’t deal with them again. Petty? You bet.
  16. McCormick

    Diego Carlos

    Could be, but I don’t think it’s fair to use the fact that he’s forged a great relationship with his cb partner as a stick to beat him with. He’s a very classy defender, a calming presence at the back and a good leader from what I’ve seen. Also, in our position there’s something to be said for a guy who can just show up and do a job immediately with a limited settling-in period. Not sure why people here don’t seem to rate him .
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