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  1. Regarding goalkeepers, pundits and commentators saying: “he shouldn’t be getting beaten at the near post like that”, often completely ignoring the positioning of the keeper and the speed/power of the strike.
  2. I never said they wouldn’t spend (not that I’d know)! Just threw out an article from football insider. The other stuff I mentioned was unrelated.
  3. Christ, man … Just passing on what was told to me. That was a discussion that was happening, and they did “pull out” for that reason…Not an ITK by any means but I work alongside the biggest PIF executives on different projects and just casually pass on the snippets I hear.
  4. I know a few senior sources at PIF and they are genuinely very worried about relegation (as they should be) as it would be massively embarrassing for them. Especially after all the efforts they made to buy the club.
  5. Yeah, not saying it’s true but they’re running with the story that PIF have intervened and do not want to spend in the event we get relegated.
  6. Football insider (reliable?) saying that we won’t spend anything in January and stick to the loan market.
  7. Stating the obvious but 10+ points between now and January and we can do it (providing we aren’t more than 6pts adrift at that time). We’ll get max 8 though…
  8. We would have to win just under half of our games from now until the end of the season… That won’t happen.
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