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  1. So rules are different in FA cup to league?
  2. PRL

    Harrison Ashby

    I imagine there’s a risk that Moyes could be sacked, new manager comes in and plays him, signs new deal as getting first team football.
  3. Tim Krul at Falkirk always springs to mind
  4. PRL

    Allan Saint-Maximin

    I've got to disagree with the narrative that ASM gets a free pass. As is shown in this thread and others on the board, plus at the game, people are very quick to get on his back. Using the example of Longstaff only works as he's probably the one player out there who gets stick quicker than ASM, but some of that has to do with him playing like a fly half rather than a footballer with recent attempts on goal. If ASM had missed the volume of chances that Longstaff has in recent games, fans would be all over him. Not saying it's the right thing, but I'm sure it would happen.
  5. Not realistic but still possible to dream about - Arsenal have Man City to play twice, as well as Manchester United next weekend. Lose two and draw one and they could get pulled into the group, although second fixture against City not til April. European football restarts and they have a paper thin squad without a lot of signings in January, particularly now Jesus may be out longer than expected. Man City are fully focussed on winning in Europe and feels at times like they aren't even that bothered about winning league (which seems insane) while an injury to Casemiro (much like with us and Bruno, sadly) could have something of a derailing effect. Basically, not impossible, but if you've bet your house and are able to cash out at profit, I'd probably do that.
  6. Has Joe Willock always been announced as Joseph? Only noticed that today. Also calling Willian ‘Will I An’ was strange
  7. Joelinton just been driven in by Bruno
  8. We do seem to be in a habit of trying to rescue / finish off cup games with most of our better players coming on for substantial game time. Same against Palace. Personally I’d prefer we started a stronger team and made changes if/when comfortable. Having Bruno, Trippier et al coming on to supply Wood, when they could have been supplying Isak for 45 mins, is a little painful. That said, if we make it through on Tuesday then I won’t be too upset.
  9. Think Walker and Stones were signed by Guardiola
  10. I do feel VAR has made the refs even worse, mind. Think that pen is given today pre VAR, but they are so used to being bailed out so don’t make any decision remotely controversial. Either all VAR or no VAR for me
  11. Interesting quote from the article on Murdyk: When suggested to Palkin that such figures mean only a handful of clubs could afford this, he replied: “It’s five or six clubs in the world. But sometimes, even some Premier League clubs can surprise you, not just the (normal) six top clubs.”
  12. Had an absolute ball at AJ Hudsons. Thanks so much for recommendation. On plane back now, just hoping we land on time as straight up to St James’ for the Palace game.
  13. Chicago tomorrow AM for Southampton game - anyone know a bar showing (realise it’s 8.30am)
  14. Not sure if it's been mentioned within the thread, but having seen a few mentions of Kane and his whining, I also wanted to give a shout out to Son, who was diving, agitating and whining throughout. Reminds me of how Solskjaer behaved on the pitch. All cheeky and smiley by reputation, absolute prick every time we played them.
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