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  1. Classic Football Shirts has loads of player/staff issue/worn kit from recent seasons. Just bought myself a Joselu training top!
  2. Hadn't clocked Bentaleb is suspended. Makes the decision not to play him on Weds even more foolish.
  3. Agree they tend to, but actually it was more a point of principal on this one. Once the game didn't go ahead they should have either refunded or at least come out with some sort of communication. Had Wimbledon tickets and they were spot on with the communications. Took a while to process - understandable due to the volume and remote working, but the fact that they were communicative meant it was fine. Ashley on the other hand furloughed as many as possible meaning there was no one to deal with what was actually quite a considerable issue.
  4. To be honest mate, if you don't need the money right now, I would wait. They will refund us eventually (even if the takeover didn't go through). You don't want to do anything that could effect your ST renewal or anything. I know it shouldn't but.... Yea that has what stopped me so far, and am going to sit tight.
  5. I got Bournemouth refunds by doing chargebacks with Amex/Revolut (bought tickets in different tranches due to the points requirements). In future I will be doing it all through Amex as that was much less fiddly - they turned it around in 24 hours. Tempted to try and do the same for 5/19ths of the Season Ticket just to see how that would work.
  6. Long shot, but years ago someone send me links to the P90X videos - I don't suppose anyone still has them? I am after the Yoga X in particular. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've got refunds of some of the Bournemouth tickets using chargeback on my cards. Might be worth doing the same for the FA Cup game?
  8. Did anyone else buy tickets for Bournemouth away? I had 5 and the club are so far refusing to refund them.
  9. Quite remarkable that our alternative back three would be Schar, Lejeune and Dummett at the moment. Nice to have (good) options in that area.
  10. Good performance yesterday. Seems to be getting better each game.
  11. Agree that he was adequate. Standard performance you'd expect from a PL centre forward, let alone one that cost 40 million.
  12. Throwing this out again more in hope than expectation - anyone know how I can buy official tickets for Spain home games (particularly the Romania game in November) through official sites?
  13. Long shot but does anyone have any idea how to buy tickets for Spain internationals through the Spanish FA. I’m due in Madrid when they play Romania and would like to go - I can see plenty on stub hub etc but can’t seem to find much about the official sale. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
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