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  1. Agree. But for those who think our fans or the protest movements have been put to shame by today's events, I just think the circumstances aren't particularly comparable. A drastic simplification but Man Utd have been fleeced by the Glazers for years - to this eye, it's taken the enforced cessation of a club to an absolute aberration of a league to properly break the camel's back, and the context of the pandemic makes this sort of protest suddenly all the more possible.
  2. Do think it's probably considerably easier to storm a pitch in a pandemic with the swathes of casual gamegoers - the 'support the team, not the regime' lot if you will' - predominantly back at home mind. Less police presence, no opposition etc etc.
  3. It's not whataboutery where the PL is concerned though, it's precedent. The PL can't turn a blind eye to Amnesty and whoever else in one instance and then block a takeover on their counsel in another. As you say, if the takeover was to be blocked, you'd assume the same rules on ownership would have to be applied across the board.
  4. Basic push across goal? He put it through the defender's legs man, give him some credit
  5. We’ve been lacking the goal scoring threat he’ll provide Rondon looks pretty shagged.
  6. Don't get the Murphy criticism - not everything's come off for him but he's been pretty positive. Offered much more than Ritchie thus far.
  7. Hazard is fucking terrifying when he has the ball in the box
  8. yep definitely "injured" That's been taken out of context. Rafa mentioned that Jamaal had a knock prior to that; the point about us having enough centre backs was so he could be rested to recovery properly.
  9. Was actually looking forward to this earlier today but can't see anything other than a humping having seen the teams. Too many changes and our 2 best players missing. Looking forward to seeing Rondon start and Murphy get a run-out though.
  10. Parsley

    Jacob Murphy

    Jacob did well today when he came on FWIW/
  11. Parsley


    If he'd have buried that penno, we'd be praising him to the moon for showing bottle, bravery etc. Hindsight's a wonderful thing.
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