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  1. Yeah, I feel like Paul is definitely going for the Alex vibes but he's pulling it off really well. I feel the Task Master could increase his bants a bit but he's better in season 2 so he's probably warming up to the format. I feel like it's easier for Task Master to be the show that it is when the comedians know each other and genuinely enjoy the experience. I reckon that'll be harder in bigger countries like the states where people simply won't have met before, a state sized Task Master would probably do better. I've loved some of these tasks, the diss track task might be my favo
  2. My phone is on the way out (pocofone f1), I'm considering upgrading to either a pocofone x3 or flat pocofone 3. Does anyone have any experience with these phones? The latter is much cheaper but neither is particularly expensive for a decent phone so I'm considering splurging the £300 for the 3.
  3. If anyone is a fan of Task Master the New Zeland version is free on youtube and it's fucking great. They're halfway through airing season two at the moment and it's up there with the best our version has produced. Their task master is a bit crap compared to Greg, but their Alex is top notch.
  4. Looking forward to seeing this, glad it seems to be getting good reviews. I watched 'The Dead Don't Die' the other night. What the hell was that?
  5. Is he worth the price? It seems to be a lot of money for a player that's had 1 good season.
  6. Same, just hope it does well enough for them to make the second part.
  7. Yeah I have no idea, wtf? Has Laurence been hacked?
  8. Oh, was that the source? One of my mates said he wasn't coming back and I took his word for it.
  9. I thought he was staying with the England set up?
  10. I couldn't get into the Demon Cycle books. Read half of the first one and gave up, which is annoying because the premise is absolutely mint. Demons coming out of the ground every night to fuck shit up is such a great idea, still annoyed I can't stand the books
  11. Nervy game. I went from feeling confident to shitting it as we moved through the second half. I was frustrated by the lack of subs by us but everything worked out in the end. Missed the second goal because I had my back to the TV, head in my hands after the penalty save I thought Walker looked great last night after looking a bit shaky in a few of the previous games. Still cringe everytime Pickford has anything remotely difficult to do, I thought he should have saved that free kick, but tiny arms etc. Can't wait for Sunday, I've watched the majority of the England games with my ol
  12. Italy were the better team but I can't stand the gamesmanship, absolutely hate it with a passion. That said they look like the best team in the tournament at the moment.
  13. I did Red Country and the new one from the most recent trillogy. Red Country narrator was amazing, can't remember if the other book was the same guy or not.
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