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  1. Lockdown was a wild time. I didn't realise Miggy scored a goal with his right in that 1-4 win.
  2. We're in a fucking cup final!!!! Can't believe it. I've been on this forum for so many years, one of my first posts was being gutted we'd lost Milner to Aston Villa , I wasn't sure we'd ever get to celebrate even being in a cup final during those soul sucking Ashley years. Was on edge until the very last second, but we've done it. We finally get to see Wembley. Whatever happens, I love this team and our manager. Who'd have thought it a year ago, eh?
  3. It's just, surely we could have got a better player somewhere in the world for £45 million. That's still a lot of money, even in todays market.
  4. Still, though. £45 million for a player who has been ok for a season with a suspect character. I hope I'm totally wrong, mind.
  5. £45 million What the fuck are we doing. Talking about needing to think about financial fair play then spending £45 million on Gordon, I don't get this at all.
  6. Sorry I was thinking of the second against Southampton, lifted the pressure in that game.
  7. A shocking miss last night and he wasn't great but it was his header that led to our goal. He'd popped up with some decent performances for us, and that goal against Spurs was huge. He's never going to be the best player in our team but I'm content with him being a squad player considering his attitude and work rate.
  8. Canada look absolutely great this is one of the most fun games I've seen.
  9. That's me in the red coat drinking a can
  10. I just watched match of the day and he seemed to be invovled in a lot of our chances and assisted the asister for Miggy's second. Looked like a good performance from the highlights.
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