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  1. Ah, gutted. If anyone comes across two spare tickets, let me know please.
  2. Depends on January. Without significant reinforcements we're 9.5 imo. Should be buy and buy well, we could get out of trouble. The manager debacle and then the lack of any sort of structural appointments so far doesn't fill me with confidence. I really hope we're not relying on Amanda Staveley and Jamie Reuben, who have 0 experience of running a football clubs, to conduct business in the most important window I can remember.
  3. Had no idea he was from Seaton Delaval. Parkinson's is an awful disease. RIP
  4. I didn't think it was that much of an error tbh. Possibly could have done better but be was stretching and it was wet. Stood up well for that one on one at the end. Norwich should have absolutely put it to bed there.
  5. Needs to be starting. Looked so much assured with him at the back. He's not prime Maldini like by no means, but he's our best centre half by way of him being vaguely competent.
  6. Thought we played well all considering the madness of Clark like. Worked hard and defended well for the most part. Schar almost fucked it at the end. Great save by Dubs but they should have finished us off.
  7. Put a hell of a shift in. Good at working back, held the ball up well, link up play was decent. Still falls apart any time he's near the opposition goal like.
  8. The fact that we can't even get a DOF in place, doesn't bode well for getting the players we need for January like. You can be thorough as you like, but the chances are it'll be the same candidates after January as it is now. Football moves quick. Howe and Nickson planning the most important January window surely isn't what anyone had in mind?
  9. Nufc Twitter is tragic. Then again I feel like any clubs Twitter with a sizeable fanbase is a the same. In general it's actually hard to curate your feed so that it isn't a cesspit like. Not a fan of seeing shit people I follow have liked or commented on.
  10. Think Werner will be off at the end of the season if not Jan. Absolute plop.
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