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  1. Aye, who's idea was it to play a game where you sit and slag eachother off?
  2. This Italy team is fun like. Not sure how far they'll go but they're good to watch.
  3. Would fancy us to do Germany based on tonight. Lacking a bit of quality. France terrify me though.
  4. Doctor Zaius


    Hearing a whopping total of 3 deaths in the entire country today from COVID makes these ongoing restrictions even harder to bare.
  5. Having watched Sweden I now know how it feels for the neutral having to watch Newcastle
  6. Decent in the early 00s with Melburg, Larsson, Ljunburg and the likes.
  7. That was their chance like, won't get another bet
  8. Shows how absolute shite Emil Krafth is if a 34 year old Lustig, currently playing at AIK is ahead of him in the Swedish team like
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