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  1. Watching Chiellini and Bonucci is giving me flashbacks to the summer
  2. A lot of OFAH still holds up pretty well. Especially the classic ones aside from the odd joke thats no longer appropriate. Boycie was in some great scenes too. RIP
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    Tokyo is open late and has a good roof terrace. Had a DJ on last time but it gets busy as fuck up on the terrace.
  4. Doctor Zaius


    Poverty in third world countries is different from poverty here. I'm not saying people here dont have it bad, they do. A small percentage have it really bad. But its not comparable to those in the same percentile in developing countries. We have means for support here. Whilst it might not be enough, there are means for receiving help whereas in other countries there is literally nothing. I've seen enough to know that those at the bottom have it way worse in developing countries than they do here with far less opportunities to change their situation. However thats not
  5. Also, Dan James like. How much did Leeds pay for him? Fuck me.
  6. He's better imo. More effective.
  7. I'd also add that there's never been consistent pressure on Ashley. There's been fuck all movement wholesale aside from a song now and then. Remember the SackPardew campaigns and now this whinging about Bruce. There's consistent collective ire directed at the manager often, never enough at Ashley.
  8. Aside from Rafa, the manager is always going to be shit though. That's because of Ashley. Who is managing this shit show is almost by the by until he goes. The first thing Carragher said was words to the effect 'Why Bruce and not Ashley?'
  9. You can tell he's fed up like. Clearly has ambitions to play for a proper club and rightly so.
  10. Wasn't particularly impressed with their comments pre-match from what I've seen. Harping on about Bruce, the football, the lack of wins. There's a bigger issue here than Steve fucking Bruce and that's Mike Ashley, his inability to sell and the takeover. Had the opportunity to actually say something, actually address the situation and came out with a load of drivel. The rest of the country will be sat their thinking, 'well who else other than Bruce are they going to get?' and they're bang on, but that's really not the point is it. Fucking wet lik
  11. Leeds were shit. We have too many holes in the squad. Whoever is at right back, Lascelles, Longstaff, Joelinton, Ritchie, Darlow, Clark are all championship level players like. Willock was shite as well. I'm not convinced he's good enough either, regardless of that extraordinary purple patch at the end of last season. One man team, but fuck me that one man is good.
  12. Fucking fed up of this cunt like. The bar is so low that because he manages to string the odd pass together, he looks alright. He ruins so many chances. Falls apart anytime he gets anywhere near their goal, absolutely useless as a forward player. You might have spent 20m out your own pocket on this cunt Mike, but you may as well have flushed it down the toilet you fat fuck.
  13. He's a fucking waste of space Joelinton man. Fuck me like
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