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  1. ASM needs to start tonight. I think he will. If he doesnt, he's well and truly finished here.
  2. 30K ST holders according to Chron journo Charlie Bennett on twitter. Anyway, 32K allocation in a 90K stadium is a joke. Fuck corporate.
  3. Theres more allocation than there is ST holders, so counting out those ST holders that wont go, if you have an ST and want a ticket you'll get one.
  4. 1998 and 1999 cup finals for anyone that fancies some torture. Battered in both. Too young to remember anything but the goals but it surely feels different this time. Even looking at he teams.
  5. Yeah, hopefully theres a big screen or something. I just think with the last train being 7.30ish itll be tight getting back, especially if it goes to ET and Pens. Cant stay over the Sunday either because one of the lads is a teacher and cant get the Monday off.
  6. We've got a hotel booked for London but I think were gonna sack it off and watch it here
  7. I think Ba was better than Wilson. Hope Isak and ASM start. Think Isak is a shoe in but I dont think he trusts ASM. They need to go for it which should play into our hands.
  8. With Jorginho to Arsenal thats us over and out I think. A few worries about squad depth. Would have liked another midfielder but hopefully we'll be alright. Think we'll regret it if we start to tail off towards the end of the season. All the teams around us have a squad which they can rotate. We're gonna have the same midfielders starting week in, week out with maybe one option to come off the bench if everyone is fit. Big chance to qualify for the CL bringing in that sweet, much needed revenue. Would be an opportunity missed, especially given how hard it will be next season.
  9. If Shelvey didnt have that year extension clause they wouldnt be letting him go you wouldnt think.
  10. Only takes two injuries to one of four players through the middle and we're going to have to play Almiron as part of a midfield three. Think Gallagher on loan would be ideal but I doubt Chelsea will deal with us unless its permanent
  11. Anyway i thought Gordon came across well in that video. Seemed like a nice lad. Being a dick on the pitch doesn't necessarily translate to being unprofessional or a 'bad egg' off it.
  12. That photo was our nadir like
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