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  1. Portsmouth at home under Big Sam too
  2. What do you reckon our worst home performance ever was?
  3. She's not going to shag you James
  4. Just seen Tielemans' goal, lovely stuff
  5. That ball to Salah for his hat trick was obscenely good
  6. 0-5 isn't a real kicking?
  7. Incredible this. Liverpool barely even trying
  8. Man Utd attackers never seen an offside trap before?
  9. :lol: Don't think I've seen a team that open after 5 minutes
  10. Boro quietly up to 6th too after a bad start
  11. I'm sure they conceded goals for fun under Ancelotti too
  12. Sevilla game looks a bit mad
  13. Absolutely loved Mare of Easttown
  14. Just read that Everton fans were chanting for Rondon to be sent off yesterday Weird bunch
  15. A lot of left field shouts in here:
  16. Their squad looks terrible at the moment Two keepers on the bench today and they still can't fill their subs allocation
  17. Thought it was a strange comment from Jones saying he's pretty hit and miss in training
  18. Thought we were dreadful and lucky to get a point
  19. I'm starting to think Jones isn't the genius tactician we thought he was
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