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  1. Cheers Adam & TBG - much appreciated. That Xaomi looks class TBG, but to get it from a non-dodgepot website means it'd have been a bit over my budget, so I've went for a very similar spec phone from a seemingly even newer up & coming cheap Chinese espionage extradonaire. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CUBOT-Smartphone-6-3-Inch-Dewdrop-Phone-Black/dp/B07Z3GWRX9 I know it's riskier than a Samsung or something but I remember thinking the same when I got my Huawei and that's turned out sound tbh.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/2019-Flagship-Rugged-Smartphone-Waterproof/dp/B07RZLVCQ3 I think I'll get this unless it's actually not a great deal? I'm clueless here.
  3. Hola. I was hoping someone had a recommendation for a decent phone for no more than £250 please? My P30 Lite has served me well over the last couple of years but it's on its way out. Cheers.
  4. Strong mind , healthy diet and regular exercise will cure alot of people over a stream of medication. Not everybody and ailment granted but I'd hazard a guess at a large portion of the population. How do you gain a strong mind? How do you gain a strong body? How do you gain knowledge? How do you gain life experience? As I said, medication is needed in certain people and by no means do I wish to belittle these people in my comments. I'm lucky, I do not suffer. I do believe we over medicate and do believe we are in a society where necking pills is normalised and encouraged. People w
  5. I agree with this. Pills are to easily given for all sorts of ailments, I've seen first hand people get f***ed up and addicted to medication and will probably be on them for life. Now there is people who generally need it but the pharma industry is huge and it needs to keep on chugging. I've abused a whole manner of illegal recreational drugs in the past but I rarely even take painkillers at the moment as I hate having to rely on a pill to make me better. Bit of a nightmare at the moment as I have cracked ribs so having to take ibuprofen and paracetamol in the morning and night even though I c
  6. I made up a shite joke/pun yesterday: You've decided to do some jeans washing and the load has now finished. What do you say when you open the washing machine door? Hygenes!
  7. Even screenshots would suffice.
  8. Aye? Will someone just copy and paste then?!
  9. Had my first sesh today. Was alright. Revealed far more than I ever expected to. She saw immediately I was hiding s*** and then we just chopped it up for an hour. Good stuff. They've got a skill in letting people ramble until it comes out, like. The last time I went to my GP for mental health related stuff, I just wanted to be prescribed Sertralene again but came out 15 minutes later about a a pint shorter of tears.
  10. Bowie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Weird that I've been doing that actually. I do genuinely apologise.
  11. Bowie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Bored me, like. Can you tell I'm currently working my notice period? Apologies for the inane shite (ha).
  12. Bowie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I've also noticed since I stopped eating enormous amounts of bread (beach bod 2k46) that my shites are more often than not really quite violent.
  13. Bowie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I also average at least two shites a day. Some of them do indeed ming like, and I've been a veggie for 20 years or so.
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