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  1. How has Nketiah missed that ffs
  2. £50 on Richarlison to get a yellow
  3. Easiest bet I've ever won.
  4. Stick a tenner on Godfrey to score now!
  5. Only thing that's protesting is my stream
  6. Nowt, check complete. Unbelievable.
  7. See the Everton fans are supporting the team and not the regime.
  8. They'll ramp up their campaign against Saudi as soon as we start doing okay. Tens of letters to MP's and Twitter posts incoming. It's going to be glorious.
  9. Dr.Spaceman


    Yes you are, if you've googled COVID you're an expert.
  10. Dr.Spaceman


    Thought it was hilarious when he went for the pin and Andrade had to extinguish his chest
  11. Dr.Spaceman


    Whatever happened to Mason Crane?
  12. Dr.Spaceman


    Be great if Stuart Broad destroyed them
  13. Got them for my wife's work laptop when we had the unreliable 2.0 superhub and they worked an absolute treat. Currently plugged into my Firestick as we no longer really need it since we got the new hub. I think a lot of these companies are much of a muchness and it actually just depends on your location, rather than one being significantly more reliable than the other. I've heard so many people whinge about Virgin yet I've genuinely only had one or two issues in the last 10 years. I used to live on a farm near Beamish in the middle of a few fields and trust me, when you've got dodg
  14. I'm not experiencing any issues with the 3.0, got to be honest, but I will take a 5.0 if one becomes available. Are they the cube looking things?
  15. Whenever I watch Everton there always seems to be hundreds of angry gammons in the crowd.
  16. Hell of a finish from wor Jordan.
  17. As they have been for the last 10 years.
  18. Which version of the hub do you have? I found the 2.0 hub to absolutely cack, but 3.0 has been brilliant for over a year now.
  19. Fair enough, but it was still a weird mixture of random hoofs to nobody, flick ons with nobody running in behind, and we were quite static when we tried to keep the ball on the deck.
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