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  1. Talking about Arsenal letting them score ffs, De Gea’s not even injured. Guaranteed he’s just hit the deck expecting that to go his way.
  2. What’s going on, no indication if there even being a VAR check?
  3. Coleman showing solidarity with his compatriot Clark.
  4. Feels like only yesterday we were fawning over Rafa while Townsend & Gray ran riot.
  5. Some finish, weaker foot too.
  6. Howe has done exactly the same tbf, last night was the first time he'd been named in any post-Bruce squad & that was due to necessity with suspensions.
  7. Anderson


    Boosters 3 months after 2nd dose seems mad. Is this just down to the new variant?
  8. City Library, Lit & Phil? I'd try and find a quieter coffee shop than one of the main Costa/Starbucks.
  9. Thought Sancho was cocking that up for sure. Sure Rashford was running ahead of the play too.
  10. Mental he was getting booed last week too. I’d have him back in a heartbeat.
  11. Toney making Pickford look like a mug.
  12. Brentford pen, ffs. Rafa out.
  13. Brighton booing off the team while sat 8th in the table.
  14. Anderson


    Omicron’s here!
  15. Lascelles being an absolute gormless cunt there.
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