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  1. It's this exact strategy that contributed directly to the mackems ultimate downfall...relying on loans being their best players season after season until the luck ran out
  2. What a pair of bellends. Both trying to win at dick swinging, and both looking like tools in the process.
  3. Heading down Sunderland way...a few loans who are the best players, whilst the actual retain list looks worse and worse.
  4. Anything without a challenge suits them fine....they approved Palace without even knowing who their directors are, let alone if they have control
  5. Pretty sure he was the only one Bobby lost patience with due to injuries.....Carl Cort was always injured too, but was defended rather vigorously as his were seen as genuine, while Marcelino was once out for 3 months with a broken finger
  6. Adrian Mutu for Chelsea...17M then sacked for dalliances with white powders. They're still chasing him personally to recover the transfer fee
  7. Difference is that Ashley simply does not give a flying f**k what comes in to the club now, as long as he's not having to strip down his wallpaper to invest
  8. If looking at other teams the Mackems must have a fair few in there... Didier N'Dong - 18M released for free Rodwell - 13M released for free Ricky Alvarez - 9.5M and never even actually went to them
  9. But but...hes not dusted himself down and rolled his sleeves up
  10. Nah...he was just an example of us not being able to use a player properly. A few shockers aside he was pretty good, just totally wilted under crowd pressure. As someone said he was 5 years too early...should have been the Speed replacement, not playing alongside
  11. Solano is a good call...never understood why there was never a big bid for him from anyone
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