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  1. Apart from Gove sadly, who he’ll happily shill for
  2. I’ll spare a tear first for those labelled immigrant, single parent or acting for social justice in the dysphemistic sense before any one offended by gammon. I know it’s not binary and isn’t helpful but the weaponising of those perfectly normal words by the likes of those likely labelled gammons is a bigger offence.
  3. Has very little to do with being white - more the idea of high anger/ high blood pressure I’d guess or perhaps the the semantics of meat headedness. Fuck knows what dickens meant.
  4. No but it’s intended as a pejorative so I guess people construe offence on that basis. It summarises an archetype - is it that much different to chav or hipster? I’d argue it serves that function.
  5. So gove and son were at champs league final in Porto - since return it’s drawbridge up for Portugal. Funny timing that like.
  6. Brass neck on these writers like to slate decorated experts in their field. Plenty about I guess - the absolute no mark.
  7. I read it straight afterward and the hinge came calling me again...
  8. These threads are sort of like a less fun version of slamming your bollocks in the hinge of a door.
  9. Darth Crooks


    The threat with schools is as a strong vector for transmission as I understand it. Not sure how the vaccine affects that.
  10. Darth Crooks


    I had to beat a man to death with own shoes...
  11. I note everyone but Gove is getting mentioned. That the plan? Slag off every one else? Edit: getting talked about now - he’s quiet on him
  12. Practice‘30 to 50 up and down movements’? No worries Shilps, love...
  13. The club don’t want it do they? Takes someone who’ll fight for better and they’re more than happy with sycophantic, grateful chumps from yesteryear who’s main motivations, like Ashley, are to feather the nest and apparently feel superior/one up on we - the little people. Toon toon.
  14. The most effective protests v Ashley have been the smaller scale ones and though unpopular for some reason - ‘the shop shout ones’ Sports Direct is his baby and he doesn’t give a fuck about stadium stuff as long as he sees the colour of your money. He’s reacted to stuff in person elsewhere such as the restaurant, parliament and the ‘my door’ comments after the partial spurs boycott. I’d argue the fact that arsenal one went ahead had some resonance as it had a say on the freebies then handed out. Problem is most folk, even if they agree want a one and done expression of anger to kickstart a rea
  15. Why any Newcastle fan should concern themselves whether he should get credit or not is moot. In the annals of club history he’ll be Ashley’s patsy no. X. Irrelevant.
  16. Just got to hope Ashley fucks off and someone with the sense to end this cycle prevails.
  17. Great. So the perpetual cycle of bollocks can continue anew. Sign a load of shite. Pretend it’s good. Ends up shite under benign patsy. Sign a decent player or two by accident in attempt to rectify. Somewhat rescue season. Ashley cashes in. Toon toon.
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