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  1. Wrong lesson though innit? They’ve been against masks and govt mandate from the start. They need to be told how they’ve had it wrong from the start not to vindicate idiots further. I agree like obviously to some extent it’s a breeding ground for apathetic reaction where there should be insurrection on grounds of lack of care not the opposite.
  2. Cambridge based these days and follow the amber army as well as toon so will definitely up for this.
  3. Good effort but it's really quite nuanced as for me its about identity. Ashley bizarrely as a sports brand owner endeavoured to strip the club of any sense of sporting identity, or that of a regional hub to be proud of. Heritage? Fuck that - Sports Direct Arena. Achievement ? Fuck that - look at my share price. It's not really about what they are replaced with or quantity but the intent behind it. SJP's name was cast away without forethought. Wonga ffs. I mean in terms of morality there's still issues - but it's two sides of the same coin in terms of 'using' a football club.
  4. Darth Crooks


    Do the boosters still work if stuck up your arse?
  5. Another day another Simon Jordan/Gabby/Jim White inspired hoot to wind up the Geordie die hards daft/masochistic enough to listen to TalkAbsoluteClickbaitWank.
  6. If we go down Ashley will have had his hat trick of relegations and that’s his ultimate legacy however he cares to spin it.
  7. One for the Mind charity website - Fantail Breeze, 2021
  8. Would definitely pay my subs for groupwanks mind
  9. That’s my entire point mate. You just keep highlighting editorial lines without actually giving any reasons why. I could pick umteen different links for or against and would still need to apply critique to each.
  10. No the very specifics examples you mention are client and corrupt. Tokenism of the guardian toward the left doesn’t change that. Editorial lines about hating Britain, terrorist sympathy and being a Soviet doesn’t equate to broad, informationally literate, grounded in policy or economics style opinion because of token notice paid to the extremes of each end of the British media. Private eye, the independent and the economist all had better critiques of Corbyn than any of those examples. What would be worse is still left unanswered other than reverence to these sources. It has naff all to do wit
  11. Bastions of morality and the common good all of them eh? The telegraph is Johnson’s paper, the mail ran by a lunatic in Dacre up until recently, the sun (lol). I’d be after some tangible policy or economic reasons rather than hysterical editorial lines and if any of those paragons of journalism can point with any grasp of reality how it could be worse than how they’ve handled health, education, foreign policy and pretty much everything than this shower I’d be mighty impressed. Jeremy Corbyn is a poor orator, PR night mare and behind the times in many ways but he has more principle
  12. Based on what? I can only go on what’s transpired under Johnson and we’re part way to acting like some banana republic half the time. We’ll never know. Please provide these considered opinions. I’m not even a corbyn fan. Would he be on the world stage right now arguing against his own corruption? Can’t say can we but that is what’s happening. Zero accountability on health, education, the peace process, foreign policy - anything.
  13. People have voted for zero, like fuck all accountability in a bid to keep Corbyn out. I don’t even like bloke all that much but the idea that you held your nose to vote in Johnson on the ticket he stood for is a sick joke.
  14. What evidence is that then? The bin laden photo isn’t the smoking gun some portray it as given the historical context. Just seems like a lot of conjecture whereas it seems more or less accepted fact he was butchered at the behest of MBS. Whether or not the evidence is there for what is said - fact remains he was dismembered ffs. Fucking dismembered.
  15. Being a bit of a suspected sleaze and philanderer and having photos taken with bin laden whilst he was part of the mujadeen bankrolled by the US and it’s allies fighting the USSR doesn’t warrant him being butchered. biggest issue is in Yemen with civilian mass killing yes but both these things are being carried out by Saudi - neither cancelling out the other.
  16. Is there a probelm with that per se? Why wouldn't you do that in her position?
  17. I agree STFU. Seriously though, I'm all up for having the debate tbh with whoever wants to ask and they'll find I'll agree on plenty they have to say. If you're going to do it though let's have it done properly - you'll need to look at a ME/Arab/Russian property market in the capital, football clubs and the entire UK economy required to navel gaze if you're going start with football fan/pros as moral arbiters. Is this because they know people higher uup truly don't give a shit so don't bother asking?
  18. There he stood in the street Smiling from his head to his feet I said hey, what is this Now Eddie, time for more than just exist I said hey, what's your game Eddie Maybe we can see things the same Now don't you wait or hesitate Let's improve before we sink and relegate...ow! All right Howe baby, it's all right Howe All right Howe baby, it's all right Howe
  19. Off you fuck then thumbitch
  20. Darth Crooks


    Herein lies part of the problem. It’s hazy historical context and blurring of this to fit all conflicts regardless of conscription, scale and impact on the global geopolitical outlook means the wrong lessons are taken and the facts fudged. I’m struggling to want to wear one this year because we’ve lost the ‘never again’ for whatever ‘lest we forget’ signifies these days. Made worse by the grandstanding and co-opting of the iconography of the poppy resulting in Twitter accounts like that. Its a load of people displaying about stuff they barely understand the significance of relevanc
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