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  1. It feels to me that within English football culture, we are always dancing around the edges of what happened at Wembley. I don't know if something needs to fundamentally change or not (or could even be changed), as no doubt lots of people don't see see any issue with getting absolutely battered before a game and simply regard it as part of the fan experience. And I totally accept that a football ground shouldn't need to be a sanitised safe space and the edge that comes with fervent support is a massive part of football.
  2. Definitely need to work a way to either control the game from central midfield a bit better and/or provide a bit more drive from midfield. The three of Rice, Phillips and Mount just didn't quite work for this game in the second half. Hopefully Bellingham can offer something a bit different there in the future.
  3. Hughesy


    Always find the nationality arguments a bit weird. Norrie has a Scottish mum and a Welsh dad and moved here when he was 16. Rusedski had an English mum. Surely that’s enough of a tie? It’s the same with cricket - so many of the “non-English” players have really strong links to Britain through parentage or moving here when they’re really young.
  4. Hughesy


    Cheers - I think that's probably where we will land, but it's a tough decision. We're about as pro-vaccine as you can get, but such a hard decision to make when the data just isn't there and the advice is somewhat contradictory.
  5. Hughesy


    Quick request for COVID advice - wife is pregnant with our first child (due in December). I've been fully vaccinated, but it was only possible for her to get a vaccine after we already knew she was pregnant, so we held off for a bit. We seem to be getting very conflicting advice on whether she should get vaccinated. GP (off the record) said she personally wouldn't get the vaccine if she was pregnant but said that my wife would probably need to shield from October until December if unvaccinated. Midwife said there was no issue with the vaccination and my wife should get it now.
  6. Hughesy


    I'd absolutely love to see Murray have a good swansong and go deep in a grand slam or two - he certainly deserves it after what he's been through.
  7. Grealish is clearly talented, but there's no clear evidence that he's better than any of Foden, Mount, Sterling, Sancho or, after yesterday, Saka. It's a bit of a coin flip as to which of those you play, yet when Grealish isn't picked some people are acting like Southgate has dropped a prime Maradona.
  8. Genuinely don't quite get the scale of clamour to pick Grealish. He's clearly a talented player, but it's hardly a great travesty he isn't being picked. If we are going to change any of Mount, Foden or Sterling, I'd actually rather bring in Sancho anyway.
  9. 100% - he'd be a great purchase for them. Reckon he walks into pretty much any team outside the top 6 and improves them a lot.
  10. Genuinely curious about this as I'm sure I saw something about this - what anti-competition cases has he won in the past?
  11. The Keith thing is a bit weird. I mean - it’s not funny? I’d love someone to explain the joke.
  12. Genuinely baffled - just can’t see how this won’t be a complete disaster. Really hope the domestic leagues don’t cave on this.
  13. Think Philip might have gone.
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