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  1. henke

    St. James' Park

    Ah shite, we have to credit him? Either way the line between clean and dirty is rediculous. It probably hasn't been cleaned since it went up.
  2. henke

    St. James' Park

    It looked like they've sent someone up on the roof of the milburn to jet wash it. It's only half done but you could tell the difference,and it shows what a disgraceful state it's been allowed to get into.
  3. I managed to get a ticket for tomorrow. Just been to pay the lad and I nearly crashed on the way home due to being like a 5 year old at Christmas. Fuck Spurs, there isn't a club in England can legitimately take the moral high ground, certainly not them.
  4. henke

    Wor Flags

    I think this is maybe my first post since Rafa went, I just gave up on football tbh. Honestly lads thank you for everything you did in the past and everything you've got planned for the future. These videos on twitter have had me close to tears the last few days and I can't wait to get back to going to games and just football in general. 👍
  5. Could the referee send himself off?
  6. I think it's crazy how they could play on that pitch in the top flight it Scotland. But they'll need to rip it up if they make it to div 4 in England. When I was a kid Luton and QPR both had artifical turf, while competing in the top flight.
  7. Harrogate Town's is artificial and it's lush also. Might be getting ripped out this summer Lol I was watching them last night, it's why I asked.
  8. Up to what level or division are artificial pitches allowed in England?
  9. henke

    Transfer rumours

    Most people probably have since he's a midfielder Attacking midfielder then, whatever. Either way if he can't be effective in a side that's qualified for the CL, then he's gonna be even worse for us. Like Obertan, Smith, Butt.
  10. henke

    Transfer rumours

    I've shat better strikers than Jesse Lingard ffs.
  11. I thought him and Bobby made up years ago, one presented the other with an award and it was the first time they'd spoke in about twenty years? I might have just invented that like. Rest in peace big man.
  12. Well they were already handing out free season tickets. I guess some may hang on given recent results but I agree I think so many would just think “nah I’m done”. The idea of being stuck with an even less enthused Ashley (I know is that possible) doesn’t even bare thinking about. More mediocrity or worse with Bruce moving forwards. I’d be done with football if it doesn’t go through, having a big (possibly last) chance to compete with the big boys taken away from us. Be hard to watch or get excited by football. Yep. I'm similar, I'm 90% not interested in football now. This deal is
  13. You've described me and my situation there almost exactly. Mike Ashley has ruined football for me on top of running our club into the ground. I'm tryig not to get too hopeful in case the deal falls through but I'd love to have that passion for football back again.
  14. henke

    St. James' Park

    What colour is the match ball at this time of year? There seems a shite load of white in them bed sheets that'll be right in the players field of vision when the balls in the air.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52754501 Good read, that. 👍 I can remember the constant threats to withdraw from the tournament, from our own government. That little tory shitbag, who's name escapes me, christ you just wanted to throttle the midget bastard. And is it right they originally called it E is for England?
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