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  1. Willock doesn't give a shite! Honestly may as well put Hendrick on
  2. I want to see the SD signs ripped down like Saddam's statue! Liberty...
  3. He turned his back on Ramires shot for the goal. Thats not good enough. Its not the first time either. He should be willing to get stung a bit.
  4. Well you must be easily pleased then.
  5. A centre back that turns away from every shot at goal. Its beyond a joke how many times hes done it this season alone. Throw yourself in front of the ball you big jessy!
  6. Doops

    Kits & merchandise

    Neither. Unless youre a kid its a bit daft like!
  7. Doops

    Kits & merchandise

    "These prices represents our cost price level, so we are not making any profit on these but we do welcome donations for the Ashley Out movement."
  8. Doops

    Kits & merchandise

    Theyre on Facebook and Twitter. They say there is a website launch with the kit later today. An extra fiver for a name and number on the back.
  9. Doops

    Charlie Austin

    Think he will end up at Villa
  10. I remember the stats from his first few games were top notch. He rarely gave the ball away and just kept it simple. He lost his way big time and got too big for his boots. Needs a good talking to, realise what he is best at and stick to it. All this long passing and ridiculous shooting needs to get to fuck.
  11. Doops

    Kits & merchandise

    I sent them a message on facebook yesterday morning asking was it still happening. They replied saying "Yes it is. We've just received our first prototype and are waiting for them to be produced!"
  12. Who on here will get that but me and Doops? My brother in law went as Marty last year. He even brought a bike into O'Dowds.
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