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  1. I mean as poor as Mbappe was he still assisted the first and it was his touch that brought Griezmann in for the second.
  2. Imagine Bruce embracing Ashley like that.
  3. Absolutely no scenario at all. No reason he should. Why should he walk from a rumoured £4m payout? I fucking wouldn't. Should absolutely be sacked though. He’s already rich enough, surely he’s embarrassed as fuck? I’d be so ashamed watching this shite knowing I was in charge of it. You’re right like should be sacked but still.
  4. Like we’re always shit but this start is bad even by our standards. Considering the importance of the game this is horrific.
  5. need a Longstaff yellow for £130 and the bloke is too zonked to even put a tackle in.
  6. He’s had a really poor half like, very frustrating.
  7. If you thought last season was front foot football then go to Specsavers. Well maybe you should go also, neesy... because you couldn't see driving the other night... because you don't even wear your glasses on TV in case you get slagged off. So you just stick to Specsavers and TorchyTBB will do the game.
  8. Really interesting post this thanks. Been a fan of Speith since I started playing/watching, and usually stick a fiver on him to win any tournament I’m following. Keep thinking he’s going to pull a win out the bag. Must be so frustrating to be so good and then pretty much lose it at the top level, so hope your right and he does get back to that high standard.
  9. Aye BT ultimate sound is ahead, knew the goal was coming about 5 seconds before it went in.
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