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  1. They've been here a week ffs. Another wind up merchant signs up
  2. Well I can't believe we're the richest club in the world and we're still 19th. I'm out!
  3. Do you have to have a degree in stupidity to become a pundit on talkshite? No Darren Bent, what won't work is sticking with a useless cunt of a manager. Fucking tit!
  4. Fuck me. They've been here a week for goodness sake. I'm sorry but any non Newcastle fans reading this thread will have every right to call us deluded. They'd look a lot more amateur if they sack Bruce and his crew and we didn't have anyone to take training next week They obviously didn't expect the takeover to go through this quick after the CAT case. We'll be ok but they have to get a DOF in to make the decisions. Do we really want another Ashley type setup where people that know fuck all about football make all the wrong decisions
  5. I'm just going to accept that he'll probably be here for the spuds game and might be pleasantly surprised if he's not. Not going to stress myself out about it. This time last week I was resigned to being stuck with Bruce till January and hoping the takeover would go through then, by which time he'd have us relegated anyway. So I'm just going to put my faith in the consortium and hope they get the best available
  6. He's getting no respect from me, he's a dinosaur and he had a damn site more money to spend than Rafa only for the club to go backwards. Every minute this bloke is manager of our club just totally winds me up. If he's in that dugout on Sunday he's going to get exactly what he deserves. FUCK RESPECT and FUCK STEVE BRUCE!
  7. As if any one of them gave a shit about what went on in Saudi Arabia before the takeover. They wouldn't even have had a clue what was going on there. I don't see them up in arms with their own government about supplying them with arms and that goes for the rest of the bandwagon jumpers aswell
  8. Not looking over our shoulder at the relegation zone would be nice
  9. They're going to love the travelling to every home game aren't they? Absolutely makes no sense. Sorry, if the players aren't happy to live in or around Newcastle then they aren't welcome here
  10. I think he needs to be gone by tomorrow. We need Jones taking training on Monday for the week and let the players enjoy the week without Bruce stinking the place out any longer.
  11. It is for me, and I love her already
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