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  1. Yeah l can't believe how once upon a time I couldn't miss a match, and that was any match. Now I struggle to get excited for any. I think since Rafa left I've just given up. I know deep down I'm never going to see us competing in the Premiership and that's just reflecting on any other football. The last world Cup was the last time I think I got a bit excited. Since then I've hardly watched any football and I'm not even too fussed on the Scotland match later
  2. Could stick one of the bins on instead of shelvey though and best of both worlds
  3. It's funny all these reporters and pundits bigging up Bruce constantly but he's never mentioned or even in the betting when a half decent job comes up. Tells you everything you need to know about Bruce. He's shit and the world are all on some kind if wierd wind-up
  4. Wasn't he just temporary anyway though? Plus the Everton fans would still hate Rafa more than him
  5. I'm thinking this also. Can't imagine the Everton board really wanting a manager that the fans are so against. It's just extra pressure from day one to get results
  6. Rafa will have to hit the ground running if he's to be successful there. He's got the fans on his back from day one and the media never seem to give him any credit for owt. You could guarantee if Rafa is 10 points clear of Bruce by Christmas he'll still get pelters while they tongue bruce's arse
  7. I wouldn't go that far mind. There's plenty other decent managers out there. I was pretty sure Rafa was waiting for the takeover to happen aswell but I think it's what Rafa has been looking for.
  8. Bit gutted if Rafa goes to Everton but tbh it's exactly what he's been looking for. The owners will back him and it's already a half decent squad to build on.
  9. But the whole point of creating the positive thread was because this thread was getting totally negative. This tread isn't isn't just for negative posts. It's for any. Why do people keep telling manorpark to post in his own thread. He can still post positive stuff here
  10. Yeah but we're all hoping for a bit of good news on the takeover and when you see loads of posts it's usually either some positive or negative info been posted. There hasn't been either. If certain people are that positive about the takeover then let them be, I'm far from positive myself but I'm not letting anyone's positivity (or negativity for that matter) bother me. You can't change anyone's opinion and they've got a right to have their opinion
  11. Some poor sod is going to come home from a hard days work later and decide to have a look on the forum and see there's been loads of new posts on the takeover thread, get a bit excited, only to discover 30 minutes later (which he/she will never get back) of reading through all the posts realise it just the usual crew having there weekly spat. Same old bullshit constantly
  12. Yeah, hope does strange things to people. But when it's all you've got you have to cling onto it. The reality that Ashley and Bruce could still be here this time next season is to much to take
  13. Steve Bruce's new formation. 9-1 FTM
  14. Well they they had informed the government to expect an announcement by all accounts too so we'll see
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