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  1. Is that your rattle that's just whizzed past my lug?
  2. Hope it comes back as his care worker
  3. TBH I think it's hilarious
  4. Steve Bruce's sports scientist was obviously working from home, in a cellar without a fucking laptop, phone or any other communication device.
  5. One rule for them and another for us. Mackem logic
  6. And we totally and utterly apologise whole heartedly to any cabbages that were offended
  7. Plenty players in Europe to target if that's the case
  8. Hurry up and get a DoF in ffs! Just starting the new bedwetting topic不
  9. Whoever wrote that just proves to the world they knows fuck all about football. Just a thick tosser trying to have a go at Rafa and embarrassing themselves in the process
  10. Same, unless I wanted a canny bag of coke then he might come in useful
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