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  1. Very expensive looking British bulldog type. Imagine the fat Sam dog emoji doing the rounds around 10 year ago or more on this forum.
  2. So… I’m on a campsite in the Lake District where I overhear a guy in the next plot on his phone. Keeping a distance for discretion I begin to eavesdrop. Clearly a guy in the football industry he’s also talking with I pick out some various nuggets in between kids screaming and cars passing. Had them to post yesterday however today I saw him alone in a quieter setting and give him a compliment on his dog for a stop and chat as Larry David would say. In summary we had the deal done for the Barcelona full back that’s went to Leeds all done with club
  3. I thought it was known the jurisdictional challenge had already failed and only challenge left was wether it was to be public or private? That’s how I’ve followed things. No expert obviously. Pretty much sure this was confirmed yesterday.
  4. Having 24hrs to reflect on it actually think it’s good news. CAT case goes before the riskier Arbitration case which is what the club wanted. Thought how placid the club statement was feels more telling than anything anyone else has said since.
  5. Anyone got a spare ticket for this Sunday coming?
  6. KK wanted Aimar for sure. Can’t recall any Riquelme links.
  7. Tiago for Liverpool & Spain 20-21 - Shit. Discuss 😂
  8. Feel like I watched a different game to what the media is portraying. Germany the better team first half and Werner had a great chance to put them in front. A few other scares also with crosses etc. We had the RS long range attempt and the fortuitous chance falling to Kane on HT. Second half was drifting until Grealish came on. Two goals aside the other moments I remember was a great Pickford save over the bar and the Muller chance that should’ve been buried to level things. Rice praise continues to baffle me.
  9. Only had to show him on his right TBH.
  10. https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/no-away-fans-for-york-friendly-fixture/
  11. Was always going to be the case. That’s why the club should’ve took the CAT case up earlier than they did. Probably will cost us Rafa. Hopefully come August things are a lot clearer. Just a shame this year of all years the season is starting that bit sooner.
  12. Does that stat not just highlight that away teams tried to attack more to get away goals which was the purpose of the rule to avoid teams going away and closing shop 🙂 Anyway. I would’ve just applied it after extra time to avoid penalties as much as possible.
  13. UEFA confirm all away goals scrapped in their competitions.
  14. What am I missing with Rice? Not saying I’ve actively scouted him at all but the few times I’ve seen him for club and country I don’t see anything from him like I do from his peers in that position in other teams.
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