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  1. If you mean who was ridiculed for pointing out how confusing the X-Box branding had been and was told no one found it confusing at all that would be me. Twelve months on and I’m still smugly smiling away 🙂
  2. Where do you live? Surely just go to your local library. Whickham nearest to MetroCentre. Blaydon. Rowlands Gill. Crawcrook. Gateshead the largest.
  3. LFEE


    A few years too late sadly but still should be a good fight with the 2 styles.
  4. LFEE


    Go North East for buses and I think TW Metro for the Metros
  5. LFEE


    When did you last travel on a bus? 🙂 I find bus travel good especially with the introduction of a tracking app for timings and routes. Can’t beat the 21 upstairs charging my phone supping red wine at a table on my way to Durham for a night out with buses running 24/7 🙂
  6. Was at a wedding on Saturday catching up with a friend I’d not seen in years who told me he had dealings with Hoffman whilst they both worked at Northern Rock. Went on to tell me a few stories where Hoffman openly admitted that he hated the North East of England and the people from the North East with a passion. It was all very weird but as we know now makes even more sense with what was going on.
  7. I don’t think it’s as nailed on as you all think. It’s very political with certain leaks to staff being strategic. Wouldn’t surprise me if everything remained at Longbenton. Certainly nothing doing for a few years.
  8. Bruce’s media mates still out in force this morning on the radio saying Bruce would’ve had them all peak fitness 🙂
  9. R.I.P. Bernie Drummond Match Day 1&2, Batman, Head Over Heals all great games from my childhood that he did the graphics for alongside Jon Ritman’s programming.
  10. From the bits I heard Gerrard absolutely nailed his press conference TBF. Spoke brilliantly.
  11. @South-Cheshire-Toon Speak now or forever hold your peace if you need 2 tickets? 🙂
  12. I should be able to help you out with 3 tickets. What are your plans for your trip?
  13. I should be able to sort them out 3 if they need help if they still need help?
  14. I think it changes from game to game. Sometimes up to 6. Quite often 4. What do you need? (Away games it’s only 1 per membership all the time)
  15. LFEE

    Transfer rumours

    I’ve never massively rated him TBH. Only speculation but a RB & GK would be bottom of my priorities. CM’s and CA’s is what we need desperately.
  16. The thinking behind it is this guy has been a long time NUFC fan and also member of their show for the last 2 years or more. So it was good PR for the club and I also believe for the guy himself as the publicity helped him get a ticket for the Brighton game. They are eating in a friend of his house I believe who has offered to cook for them all as they were reunited and between the two of them have provided Wraith etc some official attire which they’ve worn out of respect. Looks like the friend/host has videoed it as probably feeling quite proud about it all. What people forget is
  17. Bit different welcoming someone half the way around the world and making an effort than someone 100 miles up the road who… and correct me if I’m wrong… don’t walk around everyday if any day in kilts. When did you last visit Scotland? 🙂
  18. In fairness they are dressed out of respect for their friend who’s visited from Saudi Arabia… no?
  19. Did the same with Dortmund and think he’d be fairly low maintenance which is what is required whilst the owners organise themselves and the club.
  20. @Rich https://metro.co.uk/2021/11/03/major-ps5-uk-restock-confirmed-for-this-week-at-game-15536401/
  21. In fairness he probably could as he’s shown that’s one of the things he can do.
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