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  1. DMC


    The 'Ignore' function is your friend
  2. One of select number of films, all comedies, that I can watch again and again and.... Jason Issacs kills it as Zuhkov
  3. DMC

    Cricket 2.0

    Birmingham are taking the piss now, cracking stuff
  4. I’m fine mate, knew nowt about it until I say it on the internet, I’ve not been down that end of town for a while, unless you live there or work in the Dockyard there’s not much need. For those interested Keyham sits next too and could probably be considered part of the Devonport area of Plymouth. Like pretty much most Port/Dockyard areas it looks a bit shabby and rundown with a lot of the issues that go with it especially with the rundown of the Dockyard
  5. DMC


    Shipyards or ships still berthing on the Tyne ?
  6. Madras is about right, you couldn’t smell the difference.
  7. Fuck, poor old Saka, hopefully he’s got good support because this will be a killa
  8. You can have 5Live commentary though so that’s a win in my eyes
  9. Some pace this is going at, hope they can keep it up.
  10. This is why England games should have continued being played around the country as they did when the old Wembley closed.
  11. DMC

    The England Thread

    I think the whole thing is hilarious, FBPE Twitter is going into full meltdown
  12. My emotions are running wild, 52 yrs I've waited for something like this and the fact its going to trigger some many cuts out there makes it even sweeter
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