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  1. Not often I’d agree with KK but yes the EU has massive issues bureaucracy & organisationally but we were led out by the worst people possible who had no real plan or organisation to fall back on.
  2. DMC


    You might want to have a word with the Dutch who still look after the graves of the lads who died in the 2nd WW.
  3. DMC

    Lenny’s Lasses

    What is it with this arse the size of a planet thing
  4. I’m going to assume that’s a joke
  5. Needs to be a Year Zero which should entail a long methodical rebuild but unfortunately people are going to expect instant success, Mbappe, Messi et al.
  6. Y The Last Man, I read the comic book years and enjoyed it at the time but I can’t remember the main characters coming across as such an annoying dick
  7. DMC


    I neverminded The Beehive , like others have said a 'proper' boozer , no pretensions. Went into The Clock once about 30ish yrs ago and had my worst pint ever, it was gagging, never went back in. The Garter, walking passed it was enough for me.
  8. Not sure that's true, I often get the impression that most people see themselves as working class as it's more fashionable/acceptable within the media
  9. Isn't the 15 number something they've picked up from US politics
  10. Burn down MetLife 🔥🔥🔥
  11. It’s the main headline on the Mail online, The Guardian and it’s on the Front of the BBC Website. I don’t watch tv news so no idea how much coverage it’s getting there.
  12. DMC

    Lenny’s Lasses

    Not off her he doesn't
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    The 'Ignore' function is your friend
  14. One of select number of films, all comedies, that I can watch again and again and.... Jason Issacs kills it as Zuhkov
  15. DMC

    Cricket 2.0

    Birmingham are taking the piss now, cracking stuff
  16. I’m fine mate, knew nowt about it until I say it on the internet, I’ve not been down that end of town for a while, unless you live there or work in the Dockyard there’s not much need. For those interested Keyham sits next too and could probably be considered part of the Devonport area of Plymouth. Like pretty much most Port/Dockyard areas it looks a bit shabby and rundown with a lot of the issues that go with it especially with the rundown of the Dockyard
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    Shipyards or ships still berthing on the Tyne ?
  18. Madras is about right, you couldn’t smell the difference.
  19. Fuck, poor old Saka, hopefully he’s got good support because this will be a killa
  20. You can have 5Live commentary though so that’s a win in my eyes
  21. Some pace this is going at, hope they can keep it up.
  22. This is why England games should have continued being played around the country as they did when the old Wembley closed.
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