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  1. Still undecided, if I get ticket through ballot I'm obviously going. Otherwise might just watch at home or local club and get taxi into town if we win. Crowded pub with a iffy view doesn't appeal anymore.
  2. Shocked by this, hope he's found.
  3. Says former O2 Academy in link if you click on buy tickets.
  4. Don't think it's Gosforth though? Old Academy place on Westgate Rd.
  5. We're still clear 4th favourites for CL qualification although I'd imagine it'll be closer odds should Spurs win this afternoon. Win on Saturday and it's back on track.
  6. frankpingel


    Bookings in next 2 matches and he'll miss final?
  7. He (Murphy) can be trusted to maintain our shape and intensity in final 15 or so minutes. But that's it, nowhere near good enough to be starting for a club going for CL football.
  8. Love the more obscure one's like Penny Arcade (Rangers). There's vid from March 2012 all three sides singing in unison.
  9. I was in the paddock in the O'brien derby. Said never again but think this'll be a bit different, tempted but probably not enough.
  10. Exactly my thoughts and isn't it a shame.
  11. Watching Hibbs fans singing Sunshine on Leith at the Scottish Cup Final, wish we had something to sing of a similar vein. Looks and sounds incredible.
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