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  1. frankpingel


    Stretching and plenty of water today is key to recovery.
  2. I can understand if he was from Rokef or Fulwell but Silksworth does seem peculiar.
  3. Scary stuff HTT, hopefully on the mend and a few life changes will do the trick.
  4. Just realised both us and Sunderland are at home today 3pm ko. Can't recall the last time it happened?
  5. Yep, if we don't get something here with that 11 it'll really start some panicking.
  6. Watched the new Dennis Nilson doc on Netflix. Harrowing stuff with more details than I'd previously been aware of.
  7. Turned it off as soon as he started, could tell it would be crap.
  8. "We are top our league, we are top of our league ". How many is in it ? One? Two? The excitement of the forthcoming season just builds and builds.
  9. If Wilson and ASM start we've a chance of scoring, that's about it for positives. How we go about stopping them or controlling any aspects of play with Bruce at the helm will be, as usual, frustrating as hell.
  10. Chris Hughton is in great nick for 62 mind.
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