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  1. I've, kind of, stopped getting excited when he picks the ball up as it invariably ends with nothing positive. HBA always kept me enthralled, obviously failed more than he succeeded with the ball but the anticipation and hope was always present. I haven't given up on ASM but he needs to step up a level.
  2. Skybet paying today's special already in case your nervous that Watford can make a comeback.
  3. Pull a, near miracle, win out of these next 4 games and even I'd have hope.
  4. Can barely watch. She's getting annoyed at my commentary.
  5. Started disjointed and with Burnley dictating play.
  6. Was nervous before our last two home matches. I'm not at all for this, must mean I'm resigned to us going down. Or, deep down, in my subconscious I know we're winning this one.
  7. Tragic man, I feel compelled to read stuff like that. Breaks my heart but people need to be aware of what people can do to our children. In the hope education and awareness can prevent more occurrences.
  8. Watford fans forgot they've a match on?
  9. Not confident but then I never am. But bloody hell we've some shit playing for us.
  10. Skybet have evens Aubameyang to have one or more shots on target (£10 limit).
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