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  1. Was the Stokoe statue photoshop thread on there, or here? That was fucking ace.
  2. He would have had 2 assists, if we had a competant striker. And that pen. He's headless at times but my goodness this team needs his unpredictability.
  3. Should have a had a pen. And where the fuck did 5 minutes of injury time come from? But my goodness we needed that. The result, and hopefully a bit of confidence restored. And now we have the time buy some players.
  4. Hoping (because his mate Trippier is here) he'd actually put a shift in. And surely he wouldn't want the world to think he's dog shit? Plus, the boys got a warehouse full of shitty branded clothes to shift.
  5. Throw in a unicycle and you’ve got yourself a proper cunt.
  6. They're the ones who mocked up the original Photoshop
  7. JUICE690

    Chris Wood

    Daylight come and me wan' go home.
  8. JUICE690

    Chris Wood

    Popped onto rheir forum. They seem pretty nonplussed with him leaving. It'll only bite if they spend the £25m(20?) on someone better. Otherwise, meh. Better than what we currently have.
  9. Perhaps he just had a really shit day.
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