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    Kinda feel sorry for the lad. probably did'nt realise the $hitstorm he was going to walk into. under a good manager and if he was managed properly he might stand a chance in the EPL. Never a 40m player though.
  3. Most of them aren't shit though. A decent manager will show that. Steve Bruce showed with his 'what the fuck is happening' outburst that he is absolutely clueless. I said a while back that it won't take long for people to start claiming the players are shit, especially our defence. I Dunno, we kind of have to say most aren't shit as an excuse. Ritchie's done though, there comes a time Rafa or not where you have to accept how you cant keep making excuses for some of them. If we had lost today 3-1 with Rafa, I'd still be of the thinking I'd sooner or later want to see the back
  4. http://giphygifs.s3.amazonaws.com/media/rMzmT3W6Pfp6M/giphy.gif
  5. Man city are gonna put 12 past us are'nt they!
  6. Brucey Brucey give us a wave!!
  7. Seeing that picture of him and Bruce makes you realise what a massive step backwards we have taken.
  8. I don't see him being fit enough to score many goals so the only other reason i can see us signing him would be a PR stunt to get more tickets sold. Ant and Dec were probably next on the list to get disgruntled fans back onside. It seems to be a masterstroke by Ashley and Bruce.
  9. What a flukey Goal by Algeria
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