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  1. TheHoob


    Never heard of this one before What a life.
  2. Butler hoyed out for calling Johnson a liar while he faces absolutely no consequences when he lies every time his lips move. What a fucked system man, burn it all down.
  3. Can't wait for Puke and his mongspawn to act like they knew this was going to happen all along.
  4. TheHoob


    Aye, fuck them, frankly. As long as there are provisions for people who can't have vaccines which i'd hope there will be. People can't just do whatever the fuck they want in most aspects of life, don't see why this should be any different. Going to nightclubs is hardly a universal human right.
  5. TheHoob


    Imagine 'protesting' something that will save millions of lives man.
  6. TheHoob


    I absolutely appreciate that it is difficult to hear some of the grimmer predictions but they do need to be reported/discussed. The people in charge refusing to listen to scientists and labelling any amount of stuff as scare stories is exactly why we are so fucked at the minute (i'm not putting Ian and Nees in the same boat btw ).
  7. He's such a creep when it comes to Newcastle like, proper weird.
  8. Not done our world cup bid any favours like.
  9. Turns out Twitter bots can't watch the telly. Has given me a bit more faith in humanity I've got to say
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