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  1. NUFC fans expect to sign Mbappe is the new NUFC fans expect to be challenging for the top 4.
  2. TheHoob

    Steve Bruce

    Meh, bit surprised and not ideal but not too arsed, won't expend any energy on him on Sunday, hope everyone can just crack on and enjoy the day.
  3. Think that quote is probably a bit misleading, don't think he's said anything wrong there.
  4. TheHoob


    "A private company that was first established in May 2020 and later handed a £120 million contract by the government to provide testing services for the UK." Be some journos doing some furious digging around now I would imagine!
  5. TheHoob

    Steve Bruce

    I'm pretty okay with that first bit to be honest. It's not ideal but he's a dead man walking and an insignificance in the long run, would rather we focussed on the positives.
  6. Favourite band I've discovered in a long while.
  7. TheHoob


    Me and my lass have had this shite cold for a week and a bit now, thankfully not as bad as some others have reported but still knocked us for 6. Both tested (PCR) negative, twice for me as I'm on a study, we're carrying on with LFTs as well. Solidarity and all the best to everyone
  8. TheHoob

    Steve Bruce

    Still not overly concerned and convinced he'll be gone by Sunday.
  9. TheHoob


    Forgot about that one An absolute classic of the genre.
  10. Aye I saw them over here at Download, was a proper bucket list band for me and they didn't disappoint, incredible.
  11. Craig Hope was on Talksport 15 mins or so ago saying that he thinks that all parties recognise Bruce being there for Spurs wouldn't be ideal, he seems to think that Jones might be in charge for it.
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