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  1. Move along nothing to see here.
  2. Can anyone explain in layman's terms how raising interest rates reduces inflation, if inflation is being driven primarily by rising energy costs?
  3. Easier for Labour to fight this mess than culture war bollocks, at least.
  4. Wild how they can do this with only the mandate from a few hundred thousand crusty old cunts.
  5. Paying striking workers more money = inflationary. Scrapping the 45p tax rate for the highest earners = mint for growth. Apparently.
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    Good luck Mike
  7. Far be it from me to defend the lizards but like it or not it probably was one of the biggest cultural events in a long time, the woman was probably the most famous lady on the planet, tuning in isn't a sign that you're a card carrying royalist either though I'm sure some will say it is.
  8. Seems to have split opinion this one, loads of people at work said it was the weakest so far but a few of us thought it was easily the best Think I just love the building tension and seeing the battle lines starting to be drawn, just gave proper peak Game of Thrones vibes to me.
  9. Catching up on the Center Parcs thing, one of the most mental decisions I've ever seen a company make
  10. Aye I'd be surprised if there's no football next week if the funeral is going to be a weekday, think they'll have realised they misjudged this weekend.
  11. Gutted like, first away game I was meant to be at in years. It'll be rearranged for a shit weekday night now no doubt.
  12. It's the day of the funeral which would be a national holiday apparently.
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    No likes or retweets either, bloke needs some serious therapy.
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