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  1. Would love a spare for this if there are any going, thanks in advance if anyone can help me out!
  2. Commentators doing my head in. Yes we've sat back, but it's worked hasn't it? Chelsea have produced next to nothing. It's like they'd rather us lose 0-3. Now the stupid Irish cunt is moaning that he's bored, fuck off then.
  3. Absolutely loving this, especially after the disappointment of the last few weeks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure if this is just a problem at my end but I'm unable to view the account stats for anyone on here. If I click onto their profile, then click "show stats" the page never loads, just sits there. However the "show posts" link works fine. This is on desktop site btw. Edit: I'm able to view my own profile's stats just fine so could be something to do with having permission to view the stats of others. No idea what I'm talking about really but thought I'd flag it up to see if anyone else is having the same issue.
  5. He's just qualified for the World Champs (The Crucible, anyway) for the first time, hit a 147 in one of his qualifiers as well, chuffed for him. He's through to the last 16 of the China Open now, after beating Ali Carter then Joe Perry Looks a handy player Gary Wilson, can't get over that weird angle his head is at when he's cuing but he's obviously talented. Remember him giving ROS a good game at the Crucible last year, hope he qualifies again, he has potential. Another North East lad (Gateshead I believe?) Elliot Slessor beat Ronnie yesterday as well, the second time he's beaten
  6. Important win that, buzzing for the players and Rafa What a shitheap of a club Bet365 FC are by the way, horrible dirty side and such a load of simpletons for fans
  7. City boosted to evens for tonight with SkyBet
  8. Could probably eat one through a tennis racquet
  9. What is a 6 pointer? Never understand the term
  10. Ah okay, thanks for the info everyone. Does anyone have any idea when the ticket would be dispatched? So would there be enough time for the ticket to be forwarded up to me here in Liverpool before the game?
  11. Nice one thanks everyone, I've given them an email so hopefully that will sort things out, if not I'll have to take the plunge with the 50p/min or whatever it is option
  12. So I've just bought a ticket online for Wigan away, plugged in my uni address here in Liverpool for where I'd like the ticket delivered to, and on the the purchase history page on the website it does have the Liverpool address down for delivery, but on the confirmation email I've been sent it has my home address down in Brighton as the address for delivery. I'm guessing the system must have got confused between the address I actually want for delivery and the address I used when I registered with the club. Anyone have any idea on where the ticket will actually end up being sent? Any help mas
  13. Would love a spare for this if there are any about!
  14. Ronnie O'Sullivan, makes an insanely difficult sport (yes snooker is a sport) look incredibly easy and is a joy to watch.
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