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  1. Because of his decision to interview TR I believe. Shocked the lass with the big tits has left as she is absolutely desperate for attention
  2. Diabolical goal to concede that. No way should Darlow not be saving that!
  3. How anyone can follow that cunt is beyond me. Any NUFC fan on Twitter should block him and let him get on with it. Bloke has previously admitted he enjoys winding the fans up, he's not worth mentioning.
  4. The fact they don't even bother checking is where the hate for VAR comes from. They need to check everything!
  5. How many times does it need to be shown that these attention seeking knackers know f*** all, man? He has another show with the skets of Newcastle involved.
  6. Andybiotics

    Tekken 7

    I have it waiting for me at home, but will probably take 30 hours to download Excited to give it a try, reviews have been very good. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  7. Leeds deserved absolutely nothing. We bossed that. Where did those 5 mins come from??? Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  8. Never looked as if we were going to get anything from this game. Absolutely shocking from start to finish. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  9. Probably Dungeon Keeper, been going back to that since 1997, lol. World of Warcraft is probably up there too, although not been on that for a few months. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  10. Basically makes those two great results against Brighton & Huddersfield useless. We're doing it the hard way again... Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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