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  1. Same here. Everything I read points to Tesla being overvalued etc but the stock keeps going up. Folks have started pointing out the parallels to Amazon. During its formative years, all experts were like it is overvalued, not making any profit, valuation is too high etc but the stock kept on growing. Those who didn't listen to the experts and held on are enjoying a wonderful early retirement.
  2. Rafa is very loyal to folks who show him loyalty and McParland and Owen Brown, IMO, are folks who used that loyalty to further their own career. McParland is good, don't get me wrong. He instituted a lot of programs which were well received. He is very good at communicating with youth team members, their parents, assuring them. When young players are let go, he keeps in touch with them a year or two after they are let go, helps them get jobs or spots in other academies. He also instituted some programs in our academy so that youth team players have other options if they don't make
  3. Nope. All it shows is that whether you are Everton or Barcelona, if you spend money without a strategy or theme you will be in trouble sooner or later. You are owned by an investment fund supported by a sovereign wealth fund. But it is still an investment fund and they will be looking at returns on investment. FSG bought us for 200 or 300 million and we are valued at 2 billion plus now. PIF bought you for 200-300 and the plan will be to raise your valuation to north of 3 or 4 billion in 10-15 years. The thing with being owned by investment funds is that these folks al
  4. Definitely his red card against City hurt us in the final two games. Not sure if I would label it as the main reason though. Truth is we had started to run out of gas. Suarez had 3 goals and 1 assist in the final 8 games of that title challenge. He had 28 goals and 16 assists in the previous 25 games. He was "pressed" out and we could see that in every player. And we could not rest Suarez, or Sturridge, or Gerrard or Coutinho due to lack of options. Henderson was a key player in the pressing football we played that season. His nonavailability against Chelsea was a fac
  5. Henderson is a technically above average player, has incredible stamina and most importantly can follow instructions to the letter. He is one of the best at leading the press from the midfield and can quickly control and release the ball. This makes him gold dust for someone like Klopp or Rodgers. He is nowhere even close to Kante but he is an important player for us. There is an element of right time, right coach aspect to his growth. But at the same time I don't want to diminish Henderson's contribution to his growth also. It is not pure luck. He is the type who puts in everythi
  6. rgk_lfc


    Some positive news. India administers more than 1 billion vaccine jabs. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-56345591 Looks like India is on track to complete their vaccination drive by early 2022. Augurs well for African and several other Asian nations who are dependent on India for their vaccine supplies.
  7. Given how the press likes to hype up every half decent talent, I am surprised at the lack of hype around Greenwood. From whatever little I have seen of him, he might be the best of the new age highly technical English footballers.
  8. rgk_lfc

    Cricket 2.0

    Moeen Ali has been very effective in the number 3, number 4 position for Chennai Super Kings. Able to knockoff a quick 30 to 40 runs at a great strike rate. Any chance of England trying the same with him. Given that the T20 world cup will be played in the same venues as IPL?
  9. I am surprised in general at the lack of respect for Brendan Rodgers among general football fans. My thoughts about him and his tenure at LFC. Personally I think he is a brilliant coach, excellent developer of young attacking talents, has a sound idea about how football is to be played, open minded about modern techniques, and really knows how to coach attacking football. He is just a level below elite in my opinion and that is not a criticism. As a coach and as a manager, he is a work in progress still and as he develops further, he can definitely reach that elite status.
  10. Very impressive appointment by the way. Klopp rates him as a big influence. Ragnick appointment implies your ownership is interested in establishing a style of play, footballing identity rather than the Chelsea or City or PSG approach immediately after takeover which was buy every player available. If this goes through and if Ragnick is given control, expect your managers to be from the German Austrian gegenpressing school - Hassenhuttl, Klopp, Marsch, Nagelsmann rather than Rafa, Conte, Mourinho family. Potter and Rodgers could be two local names which fit within that ideology. R
  11. Congratulations !!! The PL will be a better place with a top quality Newcastle team.
  12. Not quite sure if I share that opinion after watching them play closely this weekend. City have become a goal chance creating machine. A big part of this is that they are playing 5 technically proficient midfielders and a roaming striker like Jesus which means they are able to overload the opposition defense. Their floating midfielders are also very difficult to mark out of games when they are in full flow. Yesterday, Milner was in trouble against Foden. Normally we would move Matip or Henderson to back up Milner and help him out. But we couldn't because then that would take the a
  13. rgk_lfc


    There are different degrees to poverty. There is the extreme end - experiencing hunger every minute, barely any clothes on them, living on the street, exposed to the elements, begging for your next meal, at a threat of dying from starvation every day. Definitely India, Kenya has a lot more of those than Western nations. If that is the baseline for comparison, yes, there is no equivalence. Then there is this huge mass of poor people who have some form of roof over their head - hut in Dharavi or an estate in England or US, access to some form of meals every day, rely on daily wages e
  14. rgk_lfc


    In places like India, due to the sheer numbers and scale, poverty is in your face. You roam around Mumbai or Delhi and the squalor hits you, it is right in front of you. Depending on how you define poverty, I guess there are 100 or 200 or some insanely high unacceptable number of people living in poverty. The solution to this problem is not easy. Hopefully, with India's economic growth, we will start chipping away at this problem. And to be fair, there have been some improvements since the 1980s. I feel that with Western poverty, with the economic strength and relatively lower popu
  15. rgk_lfc


    Just a guess with respect to Indian/Pakistani people you know. There was a lot of vaccine resistance in India from January to March. But the Delta wave in April to June was downright brutual which changed the perspective of a lot of folks about vaccine. Every Indian seems to know atleast a couple who perished in that wave. After that surge, vaccinations have been going on hyperdrive in India. India administered 22.6 million shots today. I know some Indians here in US who originally did not get vaccinated but after hearing the news from India, talking to relatives, friends back hom
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