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  1. Only has the condition to play 60 min. This does not end well.
  2. Really wants in a beast of a defensive midfielder. Believe it will lift the defense as well.
  3. Watford are going to win and the pressure on Newcastle will increase.
  4. Thought several clubs down on the continent had it pretty tight financially, but obviously not.
  5. Yep, read this. Maybe it starts later?
  6. Marseille have been handed a one-year transfer ban by FIFA for their involvement in a long-running transfer dispute over Senegal international Pape Gueye with Watford. It can be a problem to get them to sell if this is true.
  7. yes, he can be a beast at times. Remember he as a 17 year old scored 4 goals against my team SK Brann in Norway. But exactly what I remember of Carlos was pretty comical. But everything is better than what we have, so get him in.
  8. Remember he was crushed by Haaland against Dortmund in CL.
  9. Need players who can contribute from day one and not players who have barely played a game in a long time. Fofana, Kamara, Carlos, Botman etc. These will definitely give a boost now.
  10. This thread suddenly died out a bit. Started well the first week, then came the Cambridge match and the Watford match and now one suddenly became a little more indifferent. Steer clear of wrecks from other PL clubs.
  11. Need a whole new team. Am so tired of the same mediocre players who have been in the club for 5-6 years now.
  12. Krabbe2

    Rafa Benítez

    If Benitez gets fired, just get him in as manager. He has moved up with us before and will do so again. Is worse with Howe and the solarium guy
  13. Can stop buying at overpriced now. Rather build up in the championship.
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