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  1. Doc


    I fucking hate that. Mate of mine since school, retired Chief Inspector no less is absolutely obsessed with ALL of it, flat earth, planet Nebaru (sp), hollow earth also (?),Soros, antivaxx, the whole nine yards. Great bloke otherwise but fuck me, he's had some abuse like.
  2. Agree like, if he was still in the back line "John Shelf" wouldn't be sitting four yards in front of it doing the same/worse distribution job as he could.
  3. . Exactly, nailed on. Loved the Carter reference by the way, took me a while to recognise it. Saw them in The Ulster hall years ago, great night.
  4. Doc

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Is that not just what they all do?
  5. "Not my favourite chess presenter", is making me think I maybe don't belong here. Need to get me some culture I think, that Maurice Ashley does look like The Mekon though.
  6. I guess it’s easier than saying to you’re mate/accomplice “it’s the house with no number on the gate” in a street of similar houses or something, not sure, but it’s definitely a thing round here at the minute.
  7. First sentence is spot on and the last sentence is me, right now. 😕 Fuck’s wrong with them all man?
  8. Never felt the need for cameras before, shit just gets worse every time you wake up man. 😡
  9. Prompted by this photo. Some absolute cunt has chalked my house number in pink on both of my gate posts this weekend, it apparently means there is a girl dog worth stealing in this house. New lock on the gate and cameras up today like. 😡
  10. I thought that'd get a bite.
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