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  1. Doc


    Gerraway, he wouldn’t do that would he?
  2. Doc


    I’m not sure about the pile-on/ pylon wordplay myself, can’t figure it out. 🤔
  3. Doc

    U.S. Politics

    Well the alcohol industry can fuck right off. Smoke weed every day, the world would be a happier place. Possibly more confused (if that's possible) but happier.
  4. Doc


    Do you think think they would have a better chance of getting out of your hospital with or without it?
  5. Hope so, be a nice send off.
  6. Is he reading the headline there?
  7. Right, I think we can all agree that's enough, lock the thread. If there's any admin in here I'll bough down to their decision like.
  8. Feck off Dopey. (admittedly slow as fuck like.)
  9. Really lads, has it come to this? Think I'm gonna log off.
  10. Doc


    Not for me mate, flattened for 9 days, double jabbed btw.
  11. Doc

    Sven Botman

    Subscription, Pah!
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