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    Steve Bruce

    Howay man OCK, give her another week at least.
  2. "We've got Terry, Terry ,Terry Hibbert on the milk" etc.
  3. Doc

    Steve Bruce

    19 points over the season at that ratio, we'll be fine. :doginburningroom gif.
  4. Shameless plug for a friend but 586 Records, Commercial Building on Pilgrim St is all vinyl, worth a look. 🙂
  5. He said he'd let me know at 3pm on Friday .
  6. "Although Vukic and Vilca have three of the same letters in their surnames they are apparently not related". Or summat.
  7. Doc


    Unfortunately they never will, "this is obvious MSM propaganda to coerce us into taking this evil depopulation drug" (and freedom n that). "Howay Bizza man, wake up!!!" "Probably died from bacterial pneumonia due to wearing a mask or summat." Fucking idiot's to a man.
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