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    Daft questions

    "Not robust enough", Machine guns are needed for these cunts. £11000 took out of my Mam's account not long ago, got it back but that was her skint if we didn't.
  2. Some days this is like listening to daft cunts conversation's at work. It's fucking depressing.
  3. I was talking to my brother about bothering getting back into it and we both agreed that apathy has set in regardless of takeover, the whole thing is just fucked. 45 and 50 odd years of shite respectively (barring maybe 10 overall) and just when we are looking good we've lost interest. Hope it comes back but I don't think it will. FFS.
  4. Doc

    What badge is best?

    Aye, that's definitely shite like.
  5. Doc

    What badge is best?

    Everywhere we go, Magpie ranger and other chants. Oh when the Mags etc?
  6. Doc


    As what?
  7. Sovereignty, whatever, point stands.
  8. Take back control of our borders.
  9. Doc

    Unpopular opinions

    I think TopSnagger makes some very good points.
  10. The Berlin Waall. NPWanker.
  11. Doc


    Properly fucked that underlining up didn't I.
  12. Its very much my thing but never gets me like that, might have a couple of biscuits before I go to bed but that's about it.
  13. Doc

    Your pet hates

    A friend of mine for 42 years called the booster "the clot shot", I mean, howay man. Retired Chief inspector btw.
  14. Doc


    Looking at your av I'm intrigued to see what you think looks more odd than that. NPW.
  15. I'll throw my hat in the ring like.
  16. Doc


    . Haven't seen that like. We do have a "Thank you NHS" one which is fair enough.
  17. Doc


    I'm the same, it used to be buy your paper poppy, bin it after the 11th and the RBL got money. Now there's all these OTT displays that contribute nothing to the fund and some utter fucking rectangle paying Adidas for a pair of "Never forget" Gazelle's man, it's rank. I don't wear one but contribute a tenner a month to the legion and I'm sure they appreciate this more some sandbags in my garden.
  18. Well, they are better educated in that neck of the woods. Pardew gif.
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