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  1. Probably the finest back lane in Shields
  2. Missed focus on his face as I was at f1.7 but thought the dude looked great so still like the photo
  3. 6 days off man, plus refusing to speak to the players after the match Incredible scenes. It's getting to the point where I'm about to excuse Bruce entirely, he's clearly trying to get the sack and Charnley and Ashley are too dimwitted to see the the blatant self-sabotage and disregard of responsibility by their key staff member(s).
  4. That'll be the wrapper on the site. Not sure it's such a big issue imo, a lot of sites still have a max width and any monitor larger than say 26" with large resolution will be bigger than the site max width. Microsoft's site for instance has white space down either side due to the page wrapper, I think we can survive since most people use the forum on smaller devices anyway
  5. Dembele was fantastic yesterday. I loved his intent after having that goal (wrongly) disallowed, he was a man possessed for the next 10 minutes resulting in a quite wonderful run & goal. I'd sell Griezmann if anyone, Dembele is looking the part. Pedri, Puig, Ilaix, Trincao, Dest, Araujo, Fati, so much to be excited about with this team again.
  6. Barcelona were a joy to watch last night. They've a Guinean central midfielder, 18 year old, absolutely bossed Sociedad's midfield including Mikel Merino. Messi, Dest & Dembele were glorious. Still think Griezmann is out of his depth at Barca mind, looked a few levels beneath the rest.
  7. It's superb. It's a little bit 'Lana by Numbers' at times but I rate her that highly that I don't mind that at all. She does the Americana/Folk thing as good as anyone ever has imo. Dark But Just A Game, White Dress, Chemtrails, Let Me Love You like a Woman are highlights so far.
  8. They actually needed a striker and they signed one. We didn't bother with anything as normal as addressing any weaknesses. Be amazed if there’s not quotes from Bruce saying he was happy with the window. 'Delighted' would be the word used if so. Everything delights him, we could all learn from Steve. Infinitely Delighted would be his name on here.
  9. Just looked at our remaining fixtures and I think we'll reach 32 points and that's being generous.
  10. Think that's absolutely bang on. Wilson, Almiron and Saint-Maximin the only ones who have attributes that mean they will always look decent. The rest need help from the coach and they ain't been getting it for approaching 2 years. It's no wonder there's dressing room dissent.
  11. Decent player, just not for us. Genuinely think the lads walk onto the pitch with more questions than answers of what they're supposed to be doing, so I feel a bit uneasy judging anyone. He has done pretty much nowt since arriving mind, very underwhelming as I hoped we would get this explosive player, confident, shooting from distance, being a nuisance. He's none of those on evidence.
  12. I'm not sure I can see the beautiful juxtaposition. Am I missing some esoteric reference or something? I only ask because I happen to know Alan Coleman. The TF guy bought his first ST after Bruce was appointed. Didn't realise it was his first. Pretty sure it was. Weird as he’s usually pretty insightful. Yeah, I think he's the guy who used to make post-game videos (not on True Faith) and I always found him to be insightful and articulate.
  13. What’s he actually said? He said he's delighted. He actually said he's delighted... I think we're watching a man lose grasp on reality. It's kind of sad.
  14. Not sure he ever got started at this level tbh. Shouldn't be blamed as such simply because he shouldn't still be here. We should have got rid years ago. Useless footballer who seems to benefit from time out of the team where these "he gets goals" notions creep back in. He doesn't.
  15. That full week consisted of two days off, one day fighting Matt Ritchie and one day fighting the press. That's how we prepare for important games, apparently.
  16. It's arrogant as fuck and we deserve to be punished for it.
  17. Where is Gayle meant to be playing? Actually, why is he playing? Absolutely useless footballer. Not sure why people have been calling him to play over Joelinton.
  18. The squarespace route will at least mean you get something live quickly that looks pro. Wordpress route requires a bit more learning, some more steps in terms of buying domain/hosting through separate companies and connecting it all up. Then there's building, which is not always as intuitive as the likes of Squarespace. This can cause you to hit a wall and never actually get anything live. OceanWP theme plus Elementor plugin will give you everything you need to build a professional looking website without needing any coding knowledge, lots of templates and pre-built sections available whic
  19. That BBC article of Bruce doing his 'utmost' to find source of leak' sums the man up. Instead of looking for who said what, which is now irrelevant as it can't be changed, maybe trying to right the wrongs highlighted by both the leak of info and the state of the team in general would be the more useful action. That of course requires responsibility and not this finger-pointing attitude that has defined his time here.
  20. Not too many more left to tick off for you then Where did your interest in doing that start by the way? Just curious, perhaps the architecture, art/literature or interest in the Soviet Union in general? Regarding Georgia, it has appealed to me a great deal since reading some short novels by Lermontov and Tolstoy set in the Caucasus. My imagination was captured by their descriptions of the 'townlets' dwarfed by the sheer scale of the mountains. My main interest in Georgia other than the Caucasus is the beautiful Soviet monuments and architecture (in Tbilisi mainly) as well as the more histo
  21. What's your USSR challenge, visit all the former Soviet Socialist republics? It's a dream of mine too (if so), what you ticked off so far? Would be really interested to hear some of your tales and recommendations. Georgia next up for me I think. Also, having coffee in Blake's is the thing I've missed most about life this past year aside from family/friends. Love the place
  22. Also Ihsahn from Emperor with the feature.
  23. I've been underwhelmed tbh. But he's usually been brought on late in games along with other attackers where we completely lose any semblance of shape or direction. I think he's been nothing more than average though.
  24. :anguish: That cunt should never put a black and white shirt again after that Southampton red card. Not to mention his lack of footballing ability. Odious cunt.
  25. cubaricho[/member] B-more Mag[/member] may dig this if you guys haven't already heard it
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