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  1. Lasted long. The leaking of this letter smacks of opportunism to me, why else would they do it. The journalist posting it on twitter mentioned that there has been no response but the letter is dated today.
  2. Joselu scored ONE header for us (against Spurs) :lol: He would've buried those headers like TWO headers actually, don't forget the one against Chelsea!
  3. Fair play to Rafa. In my opinion Ashley thought Rafa would buckle and sign the deal they put to him on May 13th/14th, presumably signing it in the final week of his contract. The prior weekend Charnley e-mails Rafa and asks if he's signing the contract or what? Rafa tells him of course not, I told you that back in May. Ashley's fuming and the statement comes out on the Monday. This is solely on the club. They are running a multi-million pound business where once a year they can be relegated away from their main revenue stream. They simply shouldn't have let it happen this way. Even if th
  4. I think Mike Ashley might have bitten off more than even he can chew with this lot. If he’s playing his games again, which he seems to be, they aren’t having it!
  5. I think he’s trying to suggest to Pete Graves that he too has contacts in the Middle East and they are suggesting to him that the takeover is fake. Didn’t realise the Kray’s had a UAE connection.
  6. They don't have clue man, not seen one journalist come up with any solid facts not one. They are still using the Liverpool proof of funds which is a load of s****. All we can go off is that the group have confirmed they have agreed a deal and that statement was said to be true by by the club sources. They have all be left behind by a Sun journalist who has left them with egg of their faces. Indeed. And why doesn’t Jim White invite the Sun journalist who broke the story on to his show, they fundamentally work for the same corporation? But there are egos, pride, clicks and listens at st
  7. 100% Agree. Without any doubt at all - even including the Robson years, KK gave us the best footballing side this country has seen since the new Manchester City. Utter, complete joy to watch. Unbounded pleasure and the biggest smile on my face since I got married. So the team blew it - I wouldn't swap those years for anything. Every-ones favourite second team - that tells a tale. Anyone who doesn't agree either wasn't around in those years or is a Mackem. End of debate. Spot on, basically.
  8. I've genuinely not met a Newcastle supporter who doesn't fully appreciate what KK did for this football club, twice. In my experience he doesn't divide opinion. I guess years are going by and there will be supporters who were either too young to remember those times or perhaps weren't even born. I can't imagine people forget though.
  9. Which sites? I’ll bet they know as much as us I'd suggest if that really is his stance then this doesn't warrant two (or more) days of discussion between them.
  10. I like Danny Baker, starting with his 606 and now with his podcast with Gary Lineker. It's a shame, I don't doubt it was meant as an establishment joke but at the same time so stupid from him. His sacking was inevitable. Obviously the BBC aren't so strict when it comes to their guest list for Question Time.
  11. Serious question, did Newcastle fans act like this with Gazza, Beardsley & Waddle late 80s/Italia 90? If anything it was more lamenting what might have been (had we kept them), rather than any faux Newcastle success.
  12. From what I remember Champions League games were sold out the first season 97/98 before the ground expansion. Second time around 02/03 when the ground was 52,000 there were empty seats. Midweek games very rarely sell out it seems, regardless of competition or opposition. There's logical explanations for that I guess. The surprise with Man City for me is the empty seats at their weekend Premier League games, that's whether they are set to win the league or the reigning champions. Not sure why they felt they had to up their capacity a few years ago.
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