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  1. Felt whoever won the toss in OT was going to take it in for the win. Both defences were fucked.
  2. All 4 games this weekend have been great but this shit is just insane.
  3. What a joke. Compare that to Fraser against Man City. Fucking criminal.
  4. Fuck me. Getting pulled apart down the left. Trippier badly exposed with no help from Fraser or Willock.
  5. JeffJ

    Sven Botman

    If we see Botman as the long term leader at the back much like Kompany was for Man City then I can see us paying the asking price now. Can’t blame Lille, they know he’s our No1 target, we need quality, we have the money and as we get closer to the deadline, get increasingly desperate.
  6. JeffJ

    Chris Wood

    Chris Wood? Present. Okay. It’s business time.
  7. JeffJ

    Chris Wood

    We are desperate and need an effective centre forward right now. The better players won’t come here at this point or their clubs won’t sell. Wood is not a world beater but an effective forward and thats what we need right now to play against Watford & Leeds. I’d hope by 1st February we have another quality attacker signed and Wood gives us an different option. Money paid is irrelevant. Don’t get the hate for the signing. I respect Wood.
  8. He was really good. Made two great saves and unlike Dubravka did the basics. The one he pushed on to the bar in the first half from Murphy was fantastic.
  9. Gini would be our best central midfielder by a distance. He’s a completely different player to the one we sold to Liverpool. Klopp changed him into everything he needed from a midfielder in his system. Excellent technique, full of energy, rarely give the ball away and work hard to win it back. Klopp was desperate to keep him but the reason Liverpool let him go was FSG didn’t want a bunch of players in their early 30’s on big contracts. If we can get him on loan it would be a massive signing.
  10. Was only 9 but remember being on the benches when Gazza smashed in a 30 yard raker to knock Palace out of the cup, on the way home my dad kept saying ‘this might just be our year, son’. Im taking him to the game today and I’m hoping he’ll say the same!
  11. Magic! ….. In your Monaco slums Away days were something else back then.
  12. JeffJ

    Sven Botman

    Get him signed. Sven ‘Adult Books’ Botman. Westmorland Road’s finest
  13. JeffJ

    Kieran Trippier

    Just TrippAdvisor giving props to Kayak.
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