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  1. Should have never sacked Poch. They’ve got the look of us a few seasons after Bobby was sacked. Horrible choices.
  2. Levy not taking £100m for Kane is looking worse every week.
  3. JeffJ

    Steve Bruce

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a manager get so much sympathy for doing a horrendous job. It’s incredible how many ‘Steve is a good man and deserves better than Ashley’ stories have been pushed. When a team is so bad, the results are so awful, the performances are so consistently dreadful then the question should always be ‘is the manager good enough?’ Yet we get fed ‘Steve is stuck with the situation’ or ‘Steve should walk away from the job for his own good’. You honestly never get this at any other club.
  4. Good game for the neutral. Two awful defences. ASM & Raphinha both a million miles better than anyone else on either side.
  5. Match, Pints, Bantz …………. Ashley Out. In that order. Priorities of the subservient mags.
  6. Fucking clip of Bruce on Sky now. Still nursing a semi over scoring two against West Ham. Fuck off you pillow faced ballbag.
  7. Raphinha up against Ritchie. What could possibly go wrong.
  8. JeffJ

    Steve Bruce

    Incredible stat. No doubt we’ll have Clinton Morrison and Simon Jordan telling us Steve Bruce has his sides well drilled and knows how to set up a team. They will all rally around their favourite PFM with the mantra that he’s a ‘results manager’ and kept us in the division.
  9. Just caught up with the scores from last night. Sounded like Young Boys dominated. Did Manchester USA even have a shot on target after the red card? I'd be ashamed of this. At least have a go ffs. Suppose it’s a competition they didn’t even want to be in so maybe it’s just little Ole doing his best to make sure the Glazers are happy. Line up some big money friendly games in America instead. Maybe keep Ronaldo away from Vegas though, cost him £300k last time.
  10. National Football Museum. With the missus. For an afternoon.
  11. Doucoure on fire, going full Yaya
  12. Truly abysmal game. Gary Neville was rubbing one out about this being the greatest Premier League era at the weekend. Polish this one up, Gary. Only entertaining bit is watching Allan turning into Cattermole. Looking busy while doing not a lot, shorts pulled up to his bristol cities and just keeps giving the ball away.
  13. It’s like the worst of all the dogshit managers we’ve had rolled into one XXXL tracksuit. This insufferable prick has acted like a dog with two dicks the last two seasons because individual moments of quality have won games and kept us in the league.
  14. Its everything we’d thought it would be after Brighton away last season.
  15. FC Glazers can do no wrong. Green and gold until your soul is sold.
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