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  1. Why question me? No one had news. Ashely speaks to no one. EVER. Movement on companies house. Barclays. Media. You guys. Planes. Everything may of at some point showed signs. Is it low grade like? Reading a forum. I can pretty much bet my nuts that there are people who are members on here who are in good positions within the club. Did u want the fukin news or not?
  2. I am not looking for brownie points. I have read this forum daily since joining. Very rarely post anything. I posted my rant a week or so ago because of the way this thread had become unbearable for a few days. Consistently seeing arguments breaking out when all I was looking for was news. I'm not posting on twitter. I am respectfully open to abuse for posting bull chit if what I say doesn't happen. I would not randomly post this if I wasnt sure. I will go one better and say the info came from one of the brothers within the squad.
  3. Ok well let me say this. As as usual. Like I said before. Theres plenty of asshats here. 6PM tomorrow. Players briefed today. They were told it is named. (Sleeping giant) Just apologise tomorrow. I'm out of here.
  4. Players were told today. It's all done. 100% Just seen a message from very reliable informant.
  5. This sub seems to have its regulars and anyone who pipes up with anything just gets slagged off and brushed off as a divvy. That is possibly why the thread is constantly being browsed but no participation outside of the (cool) club is made that much. Loads of ass hats in here. Shame really. Because this could be a good thread if it wasnt for a select few.
  6. This stream is worse than me watching a 3PM saturday kickoff from bein using an Arabian pirate box.
  7. Should probably lock the "New Member" functionality of the forum until a few months after the takeover is completed. Once the hype (positive & negative) cools down a little bit then open it back up. Good idea. I prefer to read the regular poster comments tbh Miss ODIN though. Not
  8. Can I get back to reading your posts lass instead of your connection issues.
  9. I will be proud to tie my black n white shirt to the gate of NUFC if we seriously went under. Knowing he is finally gone and I can support the new era of the toon from the bottom back to the top. Some may say it is crazy to want such a disaster. But i honestly feel that we do not have a football club in NE1 any more. I actually felt gutted that they beat Spurs. I wish nothing but negativity on that sheet shower on Barrack Road.
  10. People on twatter saying we were unlucky. We didn’t play too badly. Was I watching a different game? That lot was a shambles. First time I have heard the players speaking on the pitch from the tv ever. I was actually laughing at times due to sheer boredom.
  11. I come home from work. See Nufc twitter posting the new signing. Every comment I read is about toon being great. Nearly smashed up my tablet. Looks like we are pishing in the wind here guys. He wins another season on the grounds of marble mouthed supporters not seeing the bigger picture. Angry much?
  12. My guess is he thinks he is a law unto himself. He can get away with anything, anytime. I was really looking forward to my son and i starting the Newcastle journey together by getting him his first ST. But i refuse to even drive past the stadium now.
  13. @stiffleaay That was a spiffing rant that was perfectly executed young Sir. I loved it.
  14. So SwFC have issued a complaint to the Prem regarding the Bruce role. Twatter seems to also believe we have signed someone. Yeah. As if.
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