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  1. Absolutely gutted about Norm. His sense of humour was spot on, some of my favourite jokes were his.
  2. Caught Malignant at the cinema yesterday. It's absolutely daft as fuck, loved it. I can see it being a controversial one though.
  3. Homer's face when Adam West is doing the Batusi
  4. Rewatched Akira with the dub rather than subs. I should definitely only watch foreign films subbed as it's a lot easier to maintain concentration. Good film, batshit crazy and hard to follow at points though. Also rewatched Saint Maud and really loved it. A slow burner with some really fucked up moments. Definitely not for everyone, the missus didn't know what to make of it.
  5. Had some more of Square's pizza tonight. Fucking unreal.
  6. What an absolute stunner. Looks like he's loving life!
  7. Bloody hell, I'd never noticed that before amazing
  8. I'm sure that'll make them want to spit in my burrito.
  9. We recently adopted a corgi named Rosie from a friend who was unable to give her the attention she needs due to health issues. She's the most placid dog I've ever met, I absolutely love her. It might sound sad but it's a dream come true to have a dog of our own.
  10. I deleted that post as it looked like the images didn't work so it's gonna look weird when I repost it and the post you're quoting comes after your own.
  11. I know it's not exactly a restaurant but I went to Taco Bell yesterday as I needed to grab some quick food and it was on the way to the metro station from the cinema. What an absolute fucking shambles that place is. There wasn't much of a queue so I thought I'd be in and out. As I waited to be served, tons of delivery drivers came in to pick orders up. It took 10 minutes to get served. I then had to wait 40 minutes before one of the cashiers asked me what I was waiting for as they'd lost my fucking order. I tell her what I ordered and ask her how long it's going to take as I've been waiting fo
  12. My dad's never ever mentioned liking Olly Murs before. I can only assume he's going for his missus. Either that or he's sick of Bruceball already.
  13. I was at the match today (dad's season ticket was going spare as he's off to see Olly Murs for some reason) and I felt masochistic. Absolutely rotten performance and I was stunned to hear several "we want Bruce out" chants and boos whenever the ball went near him. Unfortunately it was from a minority of the crowd and most people just seemed happy to lap this shite up.
  14. I knew what you meant, I was just being a dick.
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