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  1. As predicted. He's such a slow starter.
  2. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/gary-neville.1596007/#post-37416014 "Just a question here like, exactly what rights do these gay people want?. Do they not get the same as everyone else like?"
  3. The side in third have lost as many as the side who are second bottom. The standard is terrible.
  4. Official attendance just over 34,000 apparently. Not even close to the true figures.
  5. Is that the keeper they think should be getting an England call up?
  6. Not sure why you think I'd have any interest in joining such a terribly run organisation, let alone wish to get myself on the board when board members have left due to not being allowed a voice. They've never had problems with people wanting to do it in the past. The answer to why they do now is above. Escaped is an odd one, he was happy to welcome back Alex and lose other decent members in the process. Oh you're going to be surprised. We already have that.
  7. Been really busy at work / got a girlfriend / moved to London / been out for a few beers with @Fantail Breeze I wonder if the Trust can work out why they can't attract people to be on the board any more? Or even if they care. I'm sure some will defend the state of them now though. @LFEE any thoughts?
  8. How good is it to hear a manager talking about taking our time rather than rushing a player back in to save himself?
  9. Joey Linton

    Fabian Schär

    Wonder if we can recall Ciaran Clark?
  10. Nah, the price has gone up that's all.
  11. "Ashley can flush out the chancers" is one of the funniest things I've ever read.
  12. Why don't Coventry's fans use their own money and build their own stadium?
  13. They've played somewhere else before. Can they not just tell him to shove it?
  14. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/the-media-i-kna-and-the-two-jordans.1595094/ So needy
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