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  1. Edwards losing his shit trying to reframe the Potter comparison on twitter.
  2. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/09/steve-mcclaren-derby-county-27th-september-2021 To his credit he's stepped down voluntarily according to Derby in the hope of saving other jobs there.
  3. I'll be interested to see where the discussion goes after Wednesday. Certainly won't be having a dig about the outcome itself.
  4. Wraith's got a new film out. #Ad
  5. That pretty much doesn't happen though does it, no matter how much abuse has been thrown at people who've generally been right all along so far.
  6. If it goes the "wrong way" over jurisdiction I'll be interested to see how the usual suspects inevitability present it as actually being good news.
  7. Wonder if it's the same source that told him the Choudhary deal was done?
  8. Unlike Bruce, at least McClaren has achieved some things in his managerial career.
  9. Nah, he's a nasty, dirty bastard. Fuck him.
  10. Sub forum would be better. To keep all of their little dramas in separate threads.
  11. Cant change things overnight.
  12. Brighton and Potter can go a point clear at the top of the premier league table with a win at Palace on Monday night. Still, he needs to up his game to be better than Brucey according to Luke.
  13. Just like the "audience with Masters" thing. Which they completely wasted.
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