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  1. Would you take guardiola if he was available in 12 months time?
  2. Maybe he's banned from twitter and so has nowt to post here any more?
  3. We'll never beat that deal we gave Curtis Good only to never play him.
  4. I really don't get how it could ever be a "stipulation" of the deal. Ryder.
  5. Misses the end of his reply as he drives away. The bit where he says "... I know so"
  6. Yeah, this. There's actually something worth discussing tonight for a change. Mind the only reason it's being linked to the takeover is because the over positive brigade led by the likes of kennedy insisted Benitez getting another job would be bad news. Now that looks like happening they are doing a massive rewrite.
  7. Getting a bit wound up now is Liam. Another one who doesn't understand what the 360 account is.
  8. There'll now be the footballing equivalent of "no, no, death can be a good card" when reading Tarot cards from Kennedy. He has painted himself into a corner. Benitez was always going to take a job that came up which he fancied.
  9. I've already got..... actually doesn't matter. Source for that was the same person who told me the takeover was ready to be announced way back, so he's redeemed himself.
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