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  1. Wasn't comparing to Everton because like you I think the idea of relegation, that their squad is poor, or that the situations are comparable is ridiculous. Was just a separate point tbh. Enrique was alright that season I thought, Colo had a few shockers but yeah definitely because they were adjusting/being constantly exposed because of probably the worst midfield I've seen at Newcastle.
  2. I still maintain that the main back 4 that season was on paper one the best I've known us to have (Beye - best RB I've seen at Newcastle, Coloccini - not great that season but became excellent, Bassong - had a good season despite us being shit, Enrique - had an okay season and became excellent) and that it's an excellent example of why a good defence isn't enough when you have an absolutely terrible centre midfield protecting it (Butt, Smith, Nolan)
  3. The team that hasn't been relegated since 1951, has quality players with more to return from injury, with Rafa Benitez as manager, closer in points to 5th as they are to 18th, and with Norwich, us, Burnley, Watford, Brentford, Crystal Palace, and Leeds knocking about? Absolutely no chance.
  4. I don't believe that's more true than at any other club's set of fans, but it wouldn't bother me anyway tbh, being arsed about that stuff is a waste of energy. Everton are going to be absolutely nowhere near a relegation battle, if they were you'd probably have seen different reactions on here.
  5. Probably because people like Rafa and don't think of entire fanbases as having universal opinions on anything, let alone their opinions on other clubs
  6. Absolute sickener for Arsenal my arse, they've been absolutely shite and should be 4-1 down
  7. Bobbled perfectly for him. Lovely hit.
  8. Presumably that injury just completely ruined Andre Gomes? Still can't believe how quickly he came back from it.
  9. Godfrey should be off, but that aside Everton have been by far the better team.
  10. Paul Stewart looks like he's been drawn by David Squires. Remember watching that FA Cup Final like it was yesterday
  11. Was wondering why everyone was going shhhhhh. Turns out it was like 12 seconds of hailstones
  12. Discuss it on here or don't mention it in the first place. Nowt worse.
  13. It was a no look stamp imo. Knew where he was then very deliberately looked away (unnaturally, which is what I think gives it away) so it would look like an accident.
  14. Personally think Newcastle United lettering on the East Stand backlit or done in a similar way to Everton's Goodison lettering would be class.
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