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  1. It'd be more of a reactionary appointment now then the Pep/Enrique appointments were imo, just because they're in far direr straits.
  2. Barca will almost certainly go for Xavi. Homegrown kneejerk reaction hire who 'knows the club' etc.
  3. The first half, ok - can't please everyone and all that. Fair enough. But the second half is pure tabloid crap.
  4. Or how they're trying to tempt Bruce back
  5. It's almost like people are trying to spoil the feelgood thing
  6. Of course. It's because Newcastle Utd is a loser club, they should be grateful they have anyone to manage them at all, ever. Whereas Man Utd is a winner club, for whom losing a single match is a travesty and the manager should clearly be replaced.
  7. Anything audio related, I could lend a hand here and there! Even if it's just a bit of clean-up of audio or whatever.
  8. Sounds like they're abusing their manager, so expect the media to host a telethon event to put these cruel fans in their place oh no it's okay, they're not Newcastle fans
  9. I just cannot see Wenger getting back into management.
  10. I'm almost certain that the outside narrative re. Bruce would have been different, if the takeover hadn't happened.
  11. Tooms? Bit of a stretch tbh
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