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  1. 'You're getting hired in the morning' as Big Dunc presides over Everton's hammering. I can dream
  2. Weird. I only saw a decent budget TV movie.
  3. I so want us to beat this lot. FOR RAFA!
  4. I knew there was a reason he was on the block list
  5. I hope you get it back from whoever stole it
  6. I'd anyone thinks Keegan would come back to management now you're out of your mind.
  7. Prep for 'I think Howe is poor' diatribe ad infinitum
  8. Change the bloody record.
  9. Would only need him on loan. Best deal all round tbh.
  10. We sold Andy Carroll for a crazy amount so... Swings and roundabouts
  11. If this goes ahead it'll be a crying shame that the Botman deal didn't happen. Botman and Robin in defence would just be too much.
  12. Bojack Horseman seems more likely now
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