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  1. I didn't think there was anything too unusual about that filthy comment, I put it down to "mackem tendencies".
  2. Seems like Mr Magoos entire family are officiating in the EPL
  3. If they wanna f*ck off, let em go on condition that they are forced to resign from the FA and Premier League. I sure as f* ck wont be watching no European Super League ("elite wankers" give me an excuse to post this 😜)
  4. Love these guys, how they are not more famous is beyond me!
  5. What do you think the handball rule should be? All pro footballers to have arms amputated or be forced to wear strait jackets to abolish any more controversial handballs
  6. Cos yer a sad tw*t... (like me! )
  7. Listening to Earth vs the Wildhearts. One of the greatest debut albums ever.
  8. We was singing. They played Seville, they lost 4 nil, they shoulda stayed 'ome and watched the bill! 😁
  9. I7-9700 CPU, GTX1080, 32Gig Ram and i bought of of those newfangled NVME SSD drives. Game runs great for me in 1920 x1080 mode. Settings almost everything on Ultra.
  10. I'm playing that new Microsoft Flight Simulator thingy. Very pretty it is anarl!
  11. Oh goody, a new fakeover story! This one should run until October 5th when the transfer window closes and fatty has spent f*ck all and NUFC have signed free agents and a couple of loan signings.
  12. If he failed it would be because some people believe he has Hitleresque tendencies
  13. No more Premier League for me be it going to the match or watching it on the box. Shall probably go and watch the odd non league game.
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