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  1. Malignant Not sure if this was a wind up or not but up there with one of the worst films I've ever seen - definitely worth a look!
  2. Kes top 5 of all time for me edit -
  3. https://youtu.be/KOUQCBKyS-Y Heard his name for years and slept on it and now feel like a fool. Fucking obsessed with his stuff at the minute.
  4. Mandy is canny peculiar looking, isn't she? Cracking falsies mind.
  5. A Quiet Place Part II - shite
  6. One of my fave Timbaland joints from that time...
  7. thinking of buying a precision cooker - anybody got one?
  8. Watching Last Chance U - little to no interest in American football but good viewing. Shirley that bird from the first two seasons was humping at least one of the students?
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