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  1. Minor quibble, my memory is that we sort of fluked that championship title since Brighton went on holiday for the last few games, having already been promoted themselves. It certainly never felt as easy as the Hughton promotion. But in either case, it's no easy job to turn around a team in freefall. I actually think Hughton's promotion was better, since there were so many stinking attitudes in the squad he inherited. But then again, maybe he had a better squad to start a rebuild with as well.
  2. I'm not sure that I quite follow the point? That all the players are shit and everything is shit, so there's no point discussing any of it? But if so, that's where we are, unfortunately. So, I'd say it's exactly why it is worth discussing, because the cavalry aren't arriving till January and we need the best chance of getting a few points up till then, with what we've already got, to give ourselves a fighting chance. More than that, we need to try them all out so we know which are the most urgent to replace under an actual coach and with a defined system of play.
  3. Still, he waxes lyrical about how the feeling of being at a FA cup final is absolutely magical and never to be forgotten for fans! Before not mentioning making sure we'd been knocked by the 4th round every year, including losing 3-1 to Stevenage.
  4. Susan? Oh, hi. Can you make pornography come on my telly please?
  5. Abacus


    In fairness most of them are normal and wishing him all the best. But somehow, it already seems to be derailed by one or two blaming the Covid vaccine.
  6. They would have no basis to deny it. Integrity? That's not a legal concept. Basically, the argument was that to deny the takeover you would have to go above and beyond company law, and if you're going to do that and make moral judgements, then who should be the arbiter of that? An independent regulator would be better than a stitch up by vested interests, as everyone would be under the same rules.
  7. It's worth noting that it's generally recognised even under any new regulator, the Newcastle takeover was still likely to go ahead. So this would likely be cleaner than the previous system. What it would stop would be scandals like Bury and Blackpool etc, plus unnecessary influence by the likes of the ESL 6. Henry Winter has, as usual, an excellent article on this in the Times. I'm all for most things in that report - I think it's just being reported this way on the BBC (i.e. being all about stopping the Saudi takeover, which it really isn't) is because Manc
  8. There's no new £77m and it has nothing to do with the loan. It's just a misunderstanding of what these filings mean, I think. Newcastle United Football Club Limited (NUFCL) own Newcastle United Limited (NUL). They aren't two separate companies getting separate amounts of extra money. You put £38.5m into NUFCL, and then it flows down into NUL. Twitter just then double counted it and made it £77m. That £38.5m was all to do with running costs, and it was something reported on a few weeks ago already. I might be wrong, and I certainly don't know the distance be
  9. Abacus


    I would like to retract this, and say that it's a 25 hour walk. Just a minor correction It didn't even seem right as I was saying it.
  10. Abacus


    Well, one is a five minute walk. The other is a 4 hour drive, a 6 hour train journey, or a 62 hour walk. Midweek against Shrewsbury. I'm as disappointed to be giving the Mackems a break on this one as anyone.
  11. Abacus


    It's so impressive if he really has tried to work on his game like this. That attitude makes me really warm to him and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets a chance and then takes it to prove himself. Yes, it's only one game. But it's still exciting to see what some of these players might be capable of when they're not being coached by a completely and utterly incompetent lazy hopeless dunce.
  12. Of course, it's nothing but a magical dream. But it's been reported they're after an interim manager till the end of the season. Also that Bruce has expressed an interest in the job (and if true, the sheer brass neck and vanity of that is astounding). Anyhow, I'm doing my bit by furiously liking any post on any media which suggests him.
  13. I'd love it if Bruce went there. Imagine the scrutiny he'd face and how he'd be unable to answer even the most basic of questions, then to watch the Man U loving media finally turn against him. Then of course he'd leave them in a complete mess, like he does to every club, everywhere.
  14. Sorry, stuck into that dinner. Five days off all round - let's play!
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