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  1. I think there is a tendency to view Rafa’s tenure through rose tinted glasses to some degree, mainly because of how positively he spoke about the club. There were periods of poor performance and there were points left on the table against lesser opposition. At times we played some absolutely manky anti-football that was designed to achieve a 1-0 loss. All that said I’ve never seen a Newcastle United side so well organised. So often we looked more than the sum of our parts. And when we did get into a position where we actually played football we were capable of producing some really
  2. christ

    The weather

    ‘The implication’ is bollocks btw. Do the absolute minimum to keep yourself happy and if he makes an issue out of it punch him in the windpipe. He is a landlord after all, and therefore deserving of some sort of physical damage.
  3. christ

    The weather

    We’ve had a few displaced half ridge roof tiles, a missing fence panels and our bins blown over and emptied across the garden. Could’ve been much worse.
  4. christ


    Nothing more punk than a man called Jonny Punk.
  5. The manager situation was a farce. This? Not so much. Investment in January is disconnected from the longer term plan a DoF would oversee. It’s all about keeping us up.
  6. There are certain symptoms that can mean you’re still contagious (runny nose, shits) but if you don’t have those you’re basically safe regardless of the test results. In lab conditions they struggled to demonstrate contagion after 9 days iirc. I’ve very recently had it, and was still testing positive after three weeks. The tests are hopeless for about three months once you’ve been ill.
  7. Not after 10 days. Even if you keep testing positive, 10 days appears to be the point where the virus can’t be passed on.
  8. That wasn’t a Brazilian national team manager. That was Rafa describing us
  9. christ

    Karl Darlow

    Do not understand why people thought he was good for 5 minutes last year. Decent shot stopper but hopeless at everything else.
  10. christ

    Karl Darlow

    First is one of the worst pieces of goalkeeping I’ve ever seen. If Danny Baker was still churning out VHS tapes of footballer bloopers it’d be on one.
  11. I think their dedication to supporting the food bank is admirable. Unfortunately I think it’s devoid of any interest and/or analysis of why it exists and therefore it’ll mean the square root of fuck all to me.
  12. christ

    Karl Darlow

    Feel sorry for Bruce that the players kicked off when he dropped this useless prick.
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