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  1. I want to be annoyed but then I remember we’re 16 unbeaten and it kind of dissipates. First ten minutes we were great, then we let Rice take the piss, and the the last 30 we were the better team. Who knows how things would’ve panned out had Bruno and Isak been available, but at the end of the day we’re on an absolutely ridiculous run given where we were twelve months ago. Biggest disappointment for me is that ASM didn’t take his chance. Potential game winner and he was dog shit.
  2. Bigger fan of Murphy than some but if ASM can’t get a game today, when we’re going to be crying out for an alternative attacking threat in the absence of Bruno, then we might has well have flogged him in January.
  3. christ


    A bit presumptuous they’ll even be playing us any time soon, isn’t it? Love the idea of an LGBT+ flag for the 700 page inquest it’ll no doubt provoke on RTG. Starting a civil war to try and own us by doing something our fans have done on several occasions since the takeover.
  4. Speaking as someone who has to fire up every device within a quarter mile radius to even have a sniff of getting a ticket when they go on member sale, I don’t really have an issue with ST holders or the club’s approach. You pay for an ST you’re at the front of the queue. It’s always been the case. I don’t think they’re getting overly preferential treatment (only quibble I’d have is pots 5 and 6). Shit that people who want to go will miss out but that’s just life.
  5. It must be said, even getting an email about cup final ticket allocations has thrown me for a loop Feel like I live in a parallel universe right now.
  6. I think having bought a ticket to a cup game is fine a minimum eligibility criteria tbf. Appreciate that this won’t be popular with ST holders that can’t/wouldn’t go but I wouldn’t say it’s really harsh.
  7. In period six, so little to no chance but a man can dream. I think the club have got it pretty much spot on here for what it’s worth.
  8. christ

    St. James' Park

    It’s not like they’re very visible when 52,000 arses are parked on them.
  9. Town will be absolute carnage if we win. I understand why people might want to go to London but if you don’t have a ticket the atmosphere just won’t be the same.
  10. This is essentially what happened during the first Championship season. Getting tickets, let alone ones close to each another, wasn’t a fucking ordeal then though.
  11. I think L7 is a bigger issue than the atmosphere more generally. I was in the Gallowgate last night and the first 25 mins it was really pretty good. People understandably got nervous when they scored but there was still a sizeable contingent trying to sing throughout. L7 during the Leicester game was a fucking morgue.
  12. christ

    Alexander Isak

    At the time I genuinely just assumed we were shithousing so we weren’t down to 9 men at the corner kick.
  13. If we lose tonight and don’t sign anyone the ratings will stray into minus figures.
  14. I’ve got visions of Willock scooping it until Level 7 from six yards out after 30 seconds and everyone’s arse dropping.
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