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  1. Whole thing is nuts. No doubt greedy bastard ‘celebrities’ are filling their boots in the same way as they did with promoting crypto.
  2. Was absolute garbage. Switched it off half way through and watched Book of Boba Fett instead.
  3. Don’t think a single journo has come out of it with credit other than Caulkin who has barely posted.
  4. Would take Downie over them, he’s quite tight with the regime from what I can gather. Kaveh and Darmesth probably more agents side.
  5. One week vow of silence 😂
  6. Don’t know who the ref is but he’s having a mare. Also has a muffin top, the chubby little Hitler.
  7. CalcioMercato. Downie saying today he isn’t of interest apparently.
  8. Twitter in a post. The same bloke sending three messages from three of his many different accounts. God bless you Burnsie you absolutely mental bastard.
  9. Nucasol


    Today’s was a right cunt. Mucked my multi-vowels strategy right up.
  10. Watched the new Ghostbusters. Ending was a bit cringe but the nostalgia was nice and wholesome.
  11. Nucasol

    Fabian Schär

    Graphic porn there. Some real turn ups - Webster definitely.
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