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  1. This is what I've been saying, I know everyone wants Paqueta but I personally think a quality DM would see us much more effective against the top 7 or 8 sides in the league. Our midfield isnt robust or industrious enough without a DM with destroyer attributes in certain games, we saw this vs City, Liverpool and Spurs.
  2. Romano follows this guy
  3. That would be amazing but is far, far off being realistic
  4. Ideal =/= realistic I suppose, I'd be okay with it
  5. I think I'd be okay with Howes judgement on where he sees Lingard fitting into this side
  6. So he was meant to be ASMs replacement in Jan then? Howe wasnt going to play at him CM.
  7. What would be ideal then?
  8. He can and has played at RW, we wernt trying to sign him in January to replace ASM on left.
  9. In an ideal world - Broja on loan with option to buy, Lingard in on a reasonable wage (<100k, with good bonuses) and then we could spend on a CM.
  10. Nine

    What are you eating?

    Wasn’t sure where to put this but I stumbled upon this bloke who rates kebabs on YouTube, in this video he weighs a kebab and eats it outside SJP
  11. I have thought that while CM is a lower level of priority than RW and ST I’m sure that we will bring one in, one injury and a suspension to 2 of either Bruno, Joe or Willock and we are struggling to put together a midfield 3 let alone a capable one.
  12. Crazy for a newly promoted team, their next highest earner is on £30k. Good way to unsettle players that fought to get promoted.
  13. Of course, putting yourself out there is going to attract the positive and the negative.. its just that usually the negative comes from people who are projecting their own issues on some random person on the internet.
  14. I dont watch his content but I've seen bits and pieces of it, hes probably not cut out for what hes going for but grown men making personal attacks on the lad is sad like.
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