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Figo kills a cat because it's unlucky..

Mr. Snrub

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“I am going to tell you a sad story that may seem like a fable but it is true. There once was a beautiful black cat. It lived at Appiano Gentile [inter’s training ground].


“It loved to stretch out on the grass where the Inter players would practice. They would train and he would enjoy the sun, occasionally glancing with feline distraction at those madmen kicking a ball.


“It had never hurt anyone. It dozed, sprawled and with its paw would wash itself. Its problems began when someone noticed it at the edge of the pitch — oh no a black cat.


“We are in the Third Millennium, the witches have all been burnt centuries ago but there are still imbeciles who believe that a black cat brings bad luck.”



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This bullshit because Figo killed a cat, and when catholic priest rapes little children every day and corrupt police doesnt care about nothing happens, THAT is what really is bad about this whole thing.


First thing that popped into my head when I read this story too.

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Guest LucaAltieri

It's not as straight forward as it first seems... apparently the cat had gambling debts. Some reports are saying the cat had fallen in with the wrong crowd and owed money to some bad people.


Of course those same people have the police in their back pocket so we may never see the real killer brought to justice.

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Guest optimistic nit

:lol: :lol: :lol:



interesting take on the events luca :lol: , could there be more than meets the eye? where's parky when you need him?

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