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New saviours in the frame?

Superior Acuña

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from nufc.com


While the Belgravia Group's interest in acquiring a shareholding in the club remains, speculation around Toon at present is that a second interested party has entered the running. 


This time it's being touted around that a consortium involving some high-profile figures from the North East are looking to get involved with Newcastle.


Whether this is fact or fiction remains to be seen - watch this space.

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Guest Invicta_Toon

anyone from the North East would know what a thankless task owning NUFC was and would never waste their time tbh.

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Lets hope there is some truth but not going to get to excited about it.  It could be Heather Mills looking to blow some of Paul McCartney's divorce offer.  bluelaugh.gif


She wouldn't have a leg to stand on tbh.


Nah its not her my sources have it shes gonna blow her money on a plane.


To shave her leg that is.

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.com dont usually get things wrong, or post rumours up for no reason....



could be some legs in this i reckon (sorry)


I remember just before the 2002 World Cup them telling us all how their sources had told them Rivaldo had already held talks with the club over a move, so they do come up with crap sometimes.

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Guest pont-toon

Sting AND Jimmy Nail, how can we possibly fail?


good pals by all accounts


more likely Bentons finest..Mr Bradford with his fellow geordie mate La Frenais


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